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 LAS VEGAS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Socket Communications Inc. (Hayward, Calif.) today introduced the PageCard at the COMDEX trade show. The PageCard is the world's first dual-mode wireless messaging device. Combining a standalone LCD alphanumeric pager with a universal PCMCIA interface, the PageCard offers mobile computer users a flexible, low-cost solution for automated business messaging. When used with the new generation of send/receive messaging software for Microsoft Windows, the PageCard interfaces seamlessly with popular e-mail, scheduling, spread sheet, and word processing software.
 "Wireless messaging is a natural extension of business networks," says Socket president Mike Gifford. "This technology offers a low-cost way to stay connected to mobile workers, whether they're across town or across the country. Socket has worked closely with Ex Machina, Fourth Wave, TekNow and other developers of messaging software so that page messages can be integrated transparently into groupware applications such as Microsoft Mail and Schedule Plus, or used to update familiar business programs such as Excel and Word."
 Gifford believes there is a major market opportunity for one-way wireless business messaging. "The ability to broadcast messages to mobile workers is very exciting once you appreciate its implications. Seventy-five percent of the business phone calls in the United States are one way -- they end with the caller leaving a message. Page messages can provide businesses tremendous leverage because they are broadcast. This means they represent one-to-many communications. This can be quite a potent business tool. For example, messaging software allows you to broadcast price or inventory updates for hundreds of field sales people in a single call. And the message delivery is virtually instantaneous -- the paging industry typically transmits a message in under a minute. The sales force can either read the messages right off their LCD displays, or they can insert their PageCards into their computers so that the updates take place automatically. Add transparent e-mail and scheduling, and you have a supremely flexible and cost-effective solution."
 Gifford also points out that the ability to provide a total messaging solution requires the cooperation both of page service providers and application developers. The PageCard has been received enthusiastically by important players in both groups. "The PageCard is a dynamite combination of an alphanumeric pager and a PCMCIA receiver that offers tremendous utility to mobile business users," according to Jim Bosler, vice president of business development for PageMart. "With PageMart's nationwide 2400 baud service, we see our high bandwidth as a great fit with Socket's enhanced capability."
 Dr. Alain Briancon, executive director of product and service development for nationwide service provider MobileComm, adds "MobileComm is glad to be working with Socket on utilizing the PageCard with our advanced wireless services. Innovative form factors which combine the PCMCIA card with a built-in alphanumeric pager are in the forefront of wireless technology."
 "Metromedia Paging Services Inc. is excited about the new Socket PageCard," said Thad Domzalski, senior director of marketing for Metromedia. "As the industry leader in alphanumeric paging, we view the PCMCIA alpha pager from Socket Communications as a true technological advancement. The PageCard represents a logical next step in the wireless revolution and we look forward to adding the PageCard to our line of paging and wireless products and services."
 "Socket's new PageCard opens the door to an entire new set of wireless applications made possible by the rapidly converging communications and computing worlds," said Doug Brackbill, vice president of wireless services for SkyTel, a nationwide service provider. "The technology for staying in touch is becoming smarter, lighter, and more accessible. SkyTel is excited to be working with Socket to enable convenient, affordable wireless messaging solutions."
 Developers of send/receive messaging software have also been upbeat about the PageCard. Ex Machina president David Rose, whose Update! Windows product was introduced at COMDEX working with the PageCard, commented, "The PageCard design provides an excellent interface for Update! on any portable computer with a PCMCIA slot. Update! for Windows, together with Notify! for Windows, the leading wireless messaging server, enables the Socket PageCard to provide a uniquely simple solution for wireless integration of Microsoft Mail, Schedule Plus, and Excel, as well as hundreds of other applications." Notify! and Update!, which will ship with built-in support for the PageCard, are supported by over 200 leading software publishers, including Microsoft, WordPerfect, Hewlett Packard, Polaris, and Symantec.
 The PageCard was also demonstrated running with WinBEEP from Fourth Wave Technologies, Inc. Tim Hudson, Fourth Wave's president, remarked "As one of the earliest pioneers in the wireless messaging software arena, Fourth Wave believes mobile workers need to stay in touch with the crucial events happening in their business. WinBEEP's extensive sending and receiving capability and its advanced development environment provide an easy, yet powerful solution for bridging the desktop, workgroup, or enterprise network to the mobile user. Socket's PageCard provides exciting innovation and critical features that make it an important part of the new breed of WinBEEP wireless messaging solutions that our customers are demanding today."
 The list goes on. "The PageCard looks like a winner," said TekNow president Ralph Tomeoni. "It is the first PCMCIA page receiver that incorporates an alphanumeric display. This gives users of our Mobile Express software the flexibility to have messages displayed when the device is not attached to their computer and to transfer information directly into the computer when it is inserted."
 The PageCard is the result of a joint product development effort by Socket and its strategic partner, Mitsubishi Corp. The PageCard will be manufactured for Socket by Mitsubishi under an exclusive arrangement. In addition to their collaboration on the PageCard, Mitsubishi currently manufactures certain other products for Socket and also distributes Socket products in Japan and throughout Asia.
 When available early next year from Socket, the Page Card bundled with Windows-based send/receive messaging software will have an MSRP of under $495. Founded in 1992, Socket Communications' mission is to design, manufacture, and market connectivity products for mobile computers. Socket often works with corporate partners to adapt existing communications technology to a variety of host platforms equipped with PCMCIA slots. Socket's PCMCIA products include the Socket EA Ethernet Adapter, the Serial I/O serial port with a high-speed 16550 UART, the Mobile GPS Global Positioning System developed in partnership with Trimble Navigation, and the TRIO fax/modem/Ethernet card developed in partnership with AT&T Microelectronics. In addition to developing products for Windows-compatible platforms, Socket is also targeting mobile communications products at a variety of personal communicators and personal digital assistants. These include the AT&T EO, Casio Z-7000, Tandy Z-PDA, Apple Newton, Sharp PY-9000, and Commodore Amiga as well as possible future PCMCIA platforms from Apple, Sun Microsystems and others.
 For product literature, call Socket Communications at 510-670-0300. For more information about the Socket PageCard, contact Garrett Stone at 510-670-8640.
 PageCard is a trademark of Socket Communications Inc. Update! and Notify! are registered trademarks of Ex Machina Inc. WinBEEP is a registered trademark of Fourth Wave Technologies Inc. Mobile Express is a trademark of TekNow Inc. All other marks are properties of their respective owners.
 NOTE: Contact information for business messaging software publishers:
 Ex Machina (Update! and Notify!): David S. Rose, 718-965-0309; Fourth Wave (WinBEEP): Tim Hudson, 313-362-2288; TekNow (Mobile Express): Ralph Tomeoni, 602-266-7800
 -0- 11/15/93
 /CONTACT: Gerald Houston, vice president, marketing, Socket Communications Inc., 510-670-0300, ext. 114/

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