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SOASTA Announces CloudTest Global Platform; First Cloud-based Test Platform Dedicated to Global Web Performance Testing.

Global Banking News-19 February 2009-SOASTA Announces CloudTest Global Platform; First Cloud-based Test Platform Dedicated to Global Web Performance Testing(C)2009 ENPublishing -

Release date- 17022009 - MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif - SOASTA, the leader in cloud testing, today announced its CloudTest Global Platform for load and performance testing Web applications and networks.

The new CloudTest Global Platform, which is commercially available today, enables companies of all sizes to simulate Web traffic and conditions by leveraging the elasticity and power of Cloud Computing. This platform enables cross-cloud testing on today's leading cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, 3Tera AppLogic, and Enomaly-delivering the most comprehensive, real world global testing environment available today at an affordable price.

In today's worldwide, Web-oriented marketplace, an organization's success rides on the quality, reliability and performance of its applications. The emulation of real world Web conditions from different geographies, different time zones, and at different levels of scale, becomes increasingly important. The CloudTest Global Platform, which leverages SOASTA's leadership in cloud testing by running its CloudTest On-Demand services, enables load generation from virtually thousands of servers from more than 15 locations around the world, providing the most accurate representation of real world Web traffic and usage available today.

Unlike traditional networks, which are typically proprietary and 'hard-wired,' the CloudTest Global Platform leverages the elasticity of the Cloud to dynamically provision computing power and virtual users from major locations worldwide. The Cloud is the closest mirror of how the real Web performs, making it the perfect platform for testing Web applications and networks. Companies concerned about variable and spiked Web traffic can easily simulate, under real world conditions, changing volumes-whether it means millions of users in a short burst of time, or simultaneous users originating from New York, London, and Hong Kong all hitting the same application at the same time.

'Because the Web is not a static platform, it's virtually impossible to simulate real Web conditions in an internal test lab or proprietary network,' said Tom Lounibos, CEO, SOASTA. 'By leveraging the Cloud, we use the Web as a platform to test Web applications and networks and are uniquely able to provide the most accurate representation of real world Web conditions. Two years from now, we see the Cloud as the only viable platform for the load and performance testing of Web systems. Cloud Computing has forever changed how we test our Web applications and networks.'

'Several companies like Hallmark, Proctor & Gamble, QTRAX and have already experienced the benefits of leveraging the Global CloudTest Platform by greatly reducing the occurrences of performance related errors, latency, and actual site crashes,' added Lounibos.

Reducing the Risk of Application Failure

Chris Roe, CTO of QTRAX, a leading online music company that uniquely has the unparalleled support of all four major music labels for free worldwide distribution of songs through its Web site, has been a user of the CloudTest Global Platform for the past several months. 'Our markets are not limited to the U.S. Our customers are connecting with our site as a global community so it's imperative that a person in Beijing wishing to download a new song from Bruce Springsteen has the same user experience as someone right here in Manhattan. My ability to deliver the highest quality of customer service is dependent upon the site running properly.'

QTRAX recently completed a test using the CloudTest Global Platform that simulated over 500,000 concurrent users from around the world hitting their Web site.

'Having the SOASTA CloudTest Global Platform available to us to simulate how the Web really works is amazing,' added Roe. 'We have done tests in the last several months that I could only have imagined, let alone afford, just six months ago. Cloud Computing is definitely changing how we test our Web sites forever.'

Reuven Cohen, one of the industry leaders in Elastic (Cloud) Computing, calls this, ' . . . very cool! This is a remarkable advancement in leveraging the power of Elastic Computing. SOASTA CloudTest Global Platform is a perfect combination of application functionality harnessing the scalable power and affordability delivered by several Cloud platforms operating as one.'


The SOASTA Global CloudTest Platform is available as an on-demand service that starts at $1,000 per test hour. Pricing for the SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand service includes all service charges incurred by using cloud platforms, all software testing costs, and all test resources required to deliver the results and analytics produced by the test.


SOASTA's mission is to ensure that today's Web applications and services perform in a high quality, scalable, and predictable manner. The company's product, SOASTA CloudTest, is available as an on-demand service in the Cloud or as an appliance (virtual and hardware), and enables developers to test and monitor their Web applications and services at an affordable price. SOASTA CloudTest supports Load, Performance, Functional, and Web UI/Ajax testing. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information about SOASTA, please visit

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Date:Feb 19, 2009
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