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SOAPY BUBBLE OVER SALVATION IN BOTTLE; Cheeky 'religious' toiletries cause outrage.

A NEW bubble bath called Wash Away Your Sins has caused uproar.

It uses religious imagery on its packaging and promises that it "removes stubborn guilt".

But it has attracted widespread criticism from church leaders.

It promises bathers salvation and promotional slogans claim it contains "baptism in a bottle" and provides "a sanctified soak".

The label shows a cartoon clergyman and says "bishop-tested".

Jim Cowie, vice convener of the Church of Scotland's Board of Social Responsibility, said last night: "This product could be seen by some as trivialising sin and forgiveness.

"Many christians take guilt very seriously and the way the company market the product could cause offence."

Father Danny McLoughlin, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland, declined to comment on the bubble bath.

But the Rev George Hutton, convener of the Religion and Morals Committee for the Free Presbyterian Church, said: "This advertising campaign would be very offensive to many people. It is edging on blasphemy.

"The forgiveness of sin is a very serious matter. If people are selling a product offering a 'quick fix', even jokingly, it makes a mockery of those beliefs."

The Rev Andrew Quigley, spokesman for the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland, said: "Messing with God, no matter how frivilous, is a deadly serious game. Therefore, it would be in the interests of all if this blasphemous product was removed from the global market - especially for those marketing it.

"They should beware because they may well have an eternity to pay for this."

Internet distributors defended the pounds 10 product. A spokeswoman for the makers, New York-based Blue Q, said: "We did not mean to cause offence as the bubble bath is very popular in church boutiques here in the States."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 11, 2001
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