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ROY told Sheila she was the only one who could get Hayley out of prison by telling the police Alex was violent. But no matter how hard he pleaded, Sheila refused to do it.

Roy was surprised when he got home from visiting Hayley and found Wayne in the cafe. Wayne was upset when he heard Hayley was in prison and thought he could do something to help.

The next day he walked into the cafe with Sheila, who was very frightened and covered in bruises. Sheila said if Roy still wanted her to go to the police she would do it. After that Hayley was released from prison and Alex was charged.

Martin and Sally shared another passionate kiss and started seeing each other in secret.

After nearly being caught out a couple of times, Sally spilled the beans to Rita. Her advice was to wait until they were certain a relationship was what they both wanted before going public with the news.

Gail was devastated when the police said they could not charge Gary Adams with assaulting Sarah as there was no evidence.

Fred was shocked when he found out Eve had lost her job some weeks ago but had been too embarrassed to tell him.

A bar job was going in the Rovers and Fred asked Duggie if he'd take her on there. Duggie refused but then Fred offered to pay Eve's wages so he agreed.

Jack went missing on his and Vera's 44th wedding anniversary but it was all part of a ploy to surprise Vera with a romantic meal of fish and chips in the potting shed.

Eileen quit her job after having a huge row with Karen at the taxi company's night out.

Norris did some research into Curly's strange illness and decided he was suffering from Couvade Syndrome - phantom pregnancy symptoms.


MARGARET surprised Terry by organising a weekend in Paris and he promised they would go. Then, while they were alone together, Margaret told Janine she planned to propose to Terry there.

Terry meanwhile told Janine he would give Margaret the pounds 10,000 she needed to send her brother to America for treatment.

That infuriated Janine, so when Terry gave Margaret his passport to look after Janine went to the flat to try and get it back. But when she got there she was shocked to see Margaret with another man.

Although the man really was her brother, Janine told Terry what she'd seen and he confronted Margaret. There was a massive row and they split up. While Terry was miserable and sitting alone, Margaret was telling her brother they would raise the money somehow.

The police were suspicious about the fire in E20 but Steve kept Mel's name out of it. He was really feeling the pressure and after another row with Lisa he went home and in a rage tore up Mel's wedding dress then phoned Karen and asked her over.

Harry told Peggy he had to go back to Menorca and asked if she would go with him. Peggy was thrilled but thought it over and, after finding out Phil owned half of the Vic, decided to stay in Walford.

The exam results came in and Sonia did really well, Martin's were average and Asif's were brilliant. Pauline was feeling more and more isolated so she invited Dot, Jim and the family to a Bank Holiday dinner to celebrate the results.

Jim took Dot away for the weekend but had to sell his dad's watch, use housekeeping money and steal some from Sonia to pay for it.


CHARITY denied all the allegations of having an affair, which left Chris unsure who to believe - his sister or his girlfriend?

He desperately wanted to believe Charity and started questioning the people in the village. When Paddy told him he knew all about the affair Chris asked for concrete evidence but there wasn't any.

In the end it was Charity who decided she'd had enough of the whole thing. She packed her bags and moved into the B&B. She told Chris their relationship was over and then told Zoe the same thing. Both of them were absolutely heartbroken.

Nicola decided the time had come to forget about Carlos and move on in life. But no sooner had she reached this conclusion than it dawned on her that she may be pregnant, and if she was it would be Carlos's baby.

Nicola felt worse because her sister Bernice was also pregnant with a doting husband, but had no idea that both their babies could have the same father.

Bernice was worried that even though her affair with Carlos was over, word would still get out. She had a huge fright when she saw Ashley showing off the pictures from the baby scan to Carlos, who became very emotional.

Marlon came up with the idea of having a beach-themed barbecue but Rodney took it as his own and announced he was going to throw a beach party in the Woolpack. He even made the waitress wear as little as possible to add to the atmosphere.

Despite the fact that Angie and Sean were back together, the history of her fling with Cain still hung over her.

Chloe invited Marlon out. This ruined Scott's plans of a romantic evening with her and made him even more convinced she had feelings for Marlon.


MICK was sitting alone in his house downing large whiskies when Jimmy turned up at the door to check on him.

Mick told him to go away but Jimmy refused and eventually got inside. The two of them started talking and Mick explained how he had accused Max of murdering Susannah, then tried to kill him with his own bare hands.

It was obvious Mick was very shaken up and spiralling into a deep depression. It was only when Jimmy started talking about his own life and suicide attempt that Mick realised it was up to him to sort himself out. He decided to change his life and the first step was to leave the Close and visit Gemma and Leo.

Jacqui was tending to Max's wounds from the previous night when she asked why he hadn't called the police. Panicking, Max told her that he thought Mick had enough problems without involving them as well.

Mick knocked at the front door to apologise and Max was glad to hear he was going, and glad that he had not managed to exact a confession out of him the night before.

After everything that had happened, Jacqui told Max she would move in with him if that's what he really wanted. Max was thrilled and, taking things one step further, asked if she would marry him. Jacqui said she would consider it but couldn't answer straight away, then went to see Rachel and ask her advice. She came away having decided to accept the proposal and when she told Max they agreed to marry as soon as possible.

Adele was nervous about her GCSE results but she and Steve had a heart to heart and he put her at ease, telling her she should aim to get into university. Adele was relieved when she got all As and Bs.


STEPH went to see Larry and explain that it wasn't safe to visit him any more, but as she was driving along on her bike she noticed a car following her.

Steph pulled onto a dirt track but the car stayed behind her until she eventually ran out of fuel.

She decided to run for it but was brushed by a passing car and concerned motorists stopped to see if she was all right.

But so did the driver who had been chasing her, and he turned out to be Barry Burke, the same guy Larry had recently beaten up.

He claimed to be a friend and tried to carry Steph to the car but she started screaming and some onlookers ran to her rescue.

Darcy and Tess went to the ballet together and had a great evening. They enjoyed it so much the romance of the night got the better of them and they ended up kissing.

Tess was furious and ashamed of herself the next day but they both agreed it was a one-off mistake and Dione should never be told about it.

Ever since finding a receipt from the jewellers, Felicity has believed Joel was going to ask her to marry him. So when he handed her a small jewellery box as a gift, she flung her arms around him and said "yes", completely oblivious to the bewildered look on his face.

Toadie was furious with Dione because he thought she had tried to set him up with a friend of hers, Sheena. It turned out she had had nothing to do with it so Toadie apologised to Sheena and they went out for dinner where they both had a lovely time.

Joe decided to look after Harold's allotment since he hadn't done anything with it since Madge died.

Karl and Drew bonded after talking about Libby's pregnancy.


RUTH was excited about her surprise romantic break as she set off in the car with John. She was impressed with the hotel he took her to until she realised he was attending a conference there and had simply brought her along.

Despite trying to make the most of the situation, Ruth realised John was more interested in talking to the other delegates than to her and she started to go off him.

Helen continued to support Lewis in his attempt to give up gambling but she had no idea of the enormity of the mess he was in, so her help was of little comfort.

Lewis was desperate to keep up with his repayments to the loan shark. He went to The Loft where he started pouring vodka onto the sofa, ready to start a fire and claim the insurance. But then Ruth turned up and stopped him. Lewis explained what he was about to do and admitted he owed a lot of money. He was begging Ruth to let him carry on when they heard Anna crying for help from the toilets. She thought she was losing her baby so they called an ambulance and she was rushed to hospital.

Tony was in trouble when Will found out he had been mixing cannabis into the sauce he was selling on his stall. It turned out Tony's little helper, Lee, had gone to pick more herbs from the garden when they ran out and accidentally took leaves from the cannabis plant.

Luke got drunk one night and tried getting amorous with Laura. She told him she wasn't interested which made him angry and he ended the relationship. Mr Morgan saw his estranged wife going out in a new dress and realised she had found herself a new man. Luke and Adam told him that she was seeing Will.


PASSION: Sally and Martin can't hold back their feelings for each other any more
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