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LIFE gets no easier for Ashley, as he and Laurel continue to argue about the issues surrounding Arthur. Doug does his best to help make peace between the pair, while the bishop wades in with a warning about the difficulties of being a one-parent family. No doubt that's the last thing Ashley will want to face. He probes the Dolands about Mel, but is aghast to find the DNA tests have already been done. Viv is delighted when her private investigator turns up a vital witness, but her joy is short-lived when the crucial person remembers seeing her at Freddie's house. Over at the Woolpack, Val is red-faced and fuming thanks to the Dingles, who steal all her furniture in time for the Pub of the Year competition. Maybe that's what inspires her to suggest a low-key wedding to Pollard. Katie finally gets a glimpse of the real Gray, whose latest visit to Perdy sees her agreeing to drop the custody petition in return for access right


MICHELLE returns to Weather field to find she's missed a lot - not least Leanne getting a job behind the bar of the Rovers. Although the schemer tries to cosy up to her colleague, Michelle makes it perfectly clear she's not happy with the arrangement. The pub is a hotbed of activity for Liz at the moment, as she tries to keep Harry happy. The landlady dupes Steve so she can skip off and be with the bookie, but his ex-wife Clarissa has the potential to ruin what could be a beautiful friendship. At the Websters', all Sally can think about is the decor for her new home, but Claire's cold feet look set to scupper the deal.

Only when the survey is complete on her own abode does Sally reckon she's got enough ammunition to kill the Peacock - but when Claire neatly turns the tables, the two women end up at a stand-off. Molly and Tyrone are pleased when the work gets underway at their home, but Paul realises how unwelcome he is


WHAT is it with Sean and his desire to torture people? Roxy and Tanya end up seeing the less pleasant side to his character as Tanya grows closer to Jack, but the Slater thug warns her off getting too cosy with him. Obviously a quiet word in her shell-like isn't enough, as the beautician ends up being terrorised in her own home by her ex. Roxy is furious when she's invited for a family dinner by Jean, but intends to go along - if only to give the hapless woman a piece of her mind. Darren and Libby have problems with how to take their relationship to the next level, but are blissfully ignorant of the fact their intimate conversation has been overheard. Patrick pushes the boat out for Chelsea's birthday, but the surprise he organises for her big day doesn't get the reaction he'd hoped for, and Zainab takes drastic action to resolve her family's financial crisis. Plus, Heather's dreams of happiness with Minty nosedive after Garry returns home.


IF you're trying to keep your relationship a secret, the last person you want finding out is Steph Dean.

The blonde waitress isn't exactly the soul of discretion but vows to keep Kieron and John Paul's romance a secret in the wake of her dalliance with Niall last week.

However, the cat is soon out of the bag.

Max is gutted when Dom tells him about Steph's snog and, with his heart in pieces, he breaks up with his on-off fiancee.

Kieron confronts John Paul when he learns that he's told Mercedes about their relationship. Unbeknown to the pair, wannabe hack Michaela is in the vicinity and her ears prick up at the slightest hint of a juicy scoop.

Newcomer Rafi's cocky attitude lands him the doorman job at The Loft, and while his attitude may have impressed Warren, it has the opposite effect on Nancy when they encounter one another in the village.

His boss's joy at Louise's return is somewhat dampened when she emerges from prison a hardened woman.

Life rarely runs smoothly in the world of soap, and this week is no exception, with private eyes, house swaps, terror in the home, traumatic break-ups and engagement scams. Sit back and enjoy.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 17, 2008
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