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Till Dev do us part As Karl finally gets Stella down the aisle, will Dev expose him as a murdering arsonist? Coronation Street STV To coin a well-known phrase and twist it slightly, it ain't over until the fat lad sings. And double murderer and arsonist Karl Munroe is panicking now that terrified teen Craig could drop him right in it.

Although the youngster has gone missing ,believing that he caused the Rovers fire, he decides to call Karl and ask for help. And Karl manages to convince Craig to return home and not go to the police to 'confess' - as well as later seeing off a couple of young hooligans who were trying to bully him.

But then Karl has other things to worry about - such as making sure that Stella actually turns up at the register office and that they finally marry, followed by their honeymoon in Spain.

With seven episodes of Corrie spread over four nights - with EastEnders and Emmerdale both on Monday to Friday - this is something of a bonanza week for soaps on the theme of crime and punishment that it would be well, criminal to miss. With Dev and Jason convinced that it was Karl who torched the Rovers, killing firefighter Toni and with Sunita later dying in hospital from her injuries - not realising that Karl actually snuffed her out - they set about the task of collecting the evidence against him.

And it soon begins to mount up. Tommy's photos from the Full Monty event, which Karl has used as his alibi, show he disappeared at one point. Then Craig finally tells Dev what happened on that fateful night.

Withthe pieces falling into place, Craig goes to the police, and Dev is an uninvited guest at the wedding. But will he be able stop it? Hopefully MUST SEE TV!

AISLES OF SMILES... Stella and Karl about to get married SNITCHING TO SOLVE A PROBLEM River City BBC1 Desperate to rid himself of his links to Billy Kennedy, Gareth turns police snitch this week when he spots an opportunity.

Having been pushed out of his grandson's life by Kelly-Marie, Lenny turns to alcohol to numb the pain but he's back in action when Billy reveals that there's a big meeting with potential heroin distributors. Gareth tells DCI Donald about the meeting, though he says that Lenny's not involved - something he tries to ensure by preventing Lenny from going to the meeting by drugging him.

DCI Donald wires Gareth up for the meet but their plans are ruined by Billy refusing to let Gareth attend and as he worries that his treachery will be uncovered, he ditches the wire and regrets doing business with the police.

He tries to back out of the deal but DCI Donald puts the frighteners on him to ensure his cooperation.

Lenny, meanwhile, takes his frustration out on Scarlett, sacking her from the Tall Ship.

WELCOME TO THE CLUB Emmerdale STV He's wined and dined her, lent her money and secretly colluded with Nicola to get her daughter Angel into a posh school.

But half-sister Bernice's boyfriend Steve Harland is nothing more than a dastardly cad. And after stringing her along and teasing her for the last couple of months, he finally makes his move on Nicola.

After a particularly disappointing job interview, she turns to Steve for wine and a whine. But his idea of comfort is to kiss her. While this is an opportunity for Nasty Nicola finally to have revenge on Bernice, she draws the line at somebody as odious as Steve.

His answer is to try to blackmail Nicola into sleeping with him, but when she tells husband Jim, he resorts to violence, attacking Steve's car with a golf club. As he smashes the windscreen, it seems Jim has a good swing.

LEAVING THE BAY Home and Away Channel 5 Tamara's parents arrive in Summer Bay. She worries they won't have forgiven her for her brother's death but actually they're sorry for having turned her away in their grief.

They persuade their daughter that she should leave the Bay with them but when Tamara tells Kyle that she's going, he confesses that he loves her.

But will this be enough to convince her to stay in the Bay? JEALOUS GUY Neighbours Channel 5 When Matt discovers old flames Lauren and Brad in an accidentally compromising situation, he's barely able to keep a lid on his jealousy, which makes for some awkward moments all round.

Elsewhere, when no buyers turn up to view No 32, financial pressure forces Lucas to gamble again. The poker-addicted dad-to-be joins in a game - and takes a hefty loss.

TRUNK CALL Hollyoaks Channel 4 When Freddie tells Sinead that he's going to hand himself into the police and take Trevor down with him, she begs him not to do it. In a misguided bid to stop Freddie, Sinead tells Trevor about his plans. Big mistake!

Freddie ends up finding himself at the mercy of the villain - tied up, gagged and trapped in the car boot. Joe and Lindsay find out about his fate but the question is can they save him? Fear and loathing EastEnders BBC1 They say that a criminal always returns to the scene of their crime, so why should Ronnie Mitchell be any different? A little over two years on from being banged up for snatching Kat and Alfie's son Tommy after her son James died, Ronnie is released from HM Prison Chilwell. And, ironically, Kat's there to meet her.

"Ronnie, don't walk away from me," Kat says. "I haven't come for a fight."

The viewing figures for EastEnders have been falling through the floor, so the return of Ronnie could be just the boost they need.

With her sister Roxy at first turning her back on her and strangely befriended by Kat, Ronnie quietly returns to Albert Square to discover that others aren't quite so forgiving. Like Tommy's father Michael.

Sinister and spooky, he's dismissive of any hopes for a reconciliation with her ex Jack.

"What is a dead baby between two people who love each other?" he sneers. "I mean that with all affection."

While the baby snatch story may have been controversial, it was also one of the best - and it still impacts on the characters.

Although an angry Jack turns his back on his former wife, at least Roxy and Ronnie are reunited. But not for long if Alfie has his way.

"You're gunna have to choose, Rox," he tells her in a tense showdown. "It's gunna be her or me I can't have her in our lives."

EastEnders isn't blazing yet, but it's warming up nicely



ATTACK... Jim and Steve

LOVE... Kyle and Tamara

AWKWARD... Lauren and Brad

TROUBLE... Freddie
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