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SOAPBOX; TvLife :.

EASTENDERS The girls enjoy fun and frolics on Lynne's hen night as they descend on the local curry house. But Zoe's holiday plans evoke a fierce response from Kat, who tells Zoe the truth about their relationship. But while this leaves the teenager with confused emotions, it only strengthens her resolve to go to Spain. She's stunned as the twists and turns of her birthright come to light, but insists the family is told the truth. A concerned Charlie rushes home and spills the beans - leaving Kat left out in the cold. Meanwhile, Garry wonders if the wedding will go ahead and a letter from Harry brings devastating news for Peggy.

CORONATION STREET Peter suffers a setback in his efforts to replace Rob's money, and matters worsen when the bookie discovers who stole the money. Shelley offers to help out, little knowing her good intentions are about to land him in trouble with Ken. Things are looking up for Duggie, who takes Sunita out to dinner, but Dev's parents refuse to acknowledge his relationship with Geena.

Charlie is shocked by the identity of the graffiti artist's mum - a face from the past who puts pressure on her to resign from the school for Luke's sake.

EMMERDALE Marlon and Rhona plan to make her last day in the village one to remember, but Tricia's unexpected return poses a dilemma for the chef. A newcomer wins over the locals by buying a round in the Woolpack - and even Rodney forgets his disappointment about Mill Cottage. Paul pays Latisha a surprise visit, while Eve and Marc's nightmare continues and Cain tries to make amends with Ray. The lads book a stripper to ensure Carlos an unforgettable stag night - but she is waylaid en route.

BROOKSIDE Nisha stages a bedside vigil, wondering if Katie will make it through the night. When the heartbroken girl eventually comes round, she makes a momentous decision.

Ray starts to realise the truth about Jessie's crush on a younger man, and Marty and Christy's insurance fiddle seems doomed to failure. A fed-up Steve confronts his dad over their money troubles, which all seem to stem from Diane's IVF treatment - and his stepmum has to prise father and son apart as they come to blows.

CROSSROADS Max and Sarah's passions get the better of them, but they soon regret their fling as she begins work behind the bar. Jake vows to track down Louise, while Tracey and Bradley end up in bed together after drowning their sorrows. Mandy can't believe her dad has fled the hotel without paying his bill and Ray is dismayed that her pregnancy is common knowledge.

NEIGHBOURS Dione sees a dinner gathering as the perfect opportunity to expose Tess and Darcy's affair. But there's tension in the air following her romantic interlude with old flame Joel - and Toadie soon realises what's happened. He has love life problems of his own when Rhonda attempts to seduce him, and he feels Sheena should know the truth about her errant parent.

HOME AND AWAY Hayley battles to keep Mitch and Brodie apart, but Sam's return to the Bay takes her mind off things - until he reveals his sleazy side. Will finally asks Dani out, but blows it by oversleeping, leaving Brodie to resolve matters. Harry gets into trouble for making assumptions about Gypsy.

POBOL Y CWM Babs, Mogs and Dyl settle into their new home and start planning a house warming party! Meic Pierce returns as the new boss of the Chip Shop and Lauren and Elin make the most of Alison's stolen credit card!


KAT: Let out of the bag. . .
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 30, 2001
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