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SOAPBOX ... (Week beginning Monday September 29).


Fans of the Ramsay Street gang have had to suffer more than their fair share of implausible storylines over the years, but the appearance of Marco's ghost really takes the biscuit. At least he offers Carmella some much-needed support as she faces the ordeal of his funeral. He even helps her choose which dress to wear!

Amazingly, Marco also encourages her to break into song midway through proceedings.


You know you're not flavour of the month when even Ste Hay looks down his nose at you. Tina, who revealed that Russ was Max's biological father last week, rubs salt in Dom and Tony's wounds when she sets up home with the trainee teacher. Tony tells Dom that he's better off without Tina, while Mandy tries to organise some extra curricular activities to keep him occupied.


The Dingles are shocked to discover Danielle has stolen drugs from the MacFarlane family, so Eli drives her to the station. When Shane finds the drugs, Danielle is arrested. Eli accuses Debbie of tipping off the cops, but when Shane hints Danielle has been taken to London in connection with other crimes, Eli and Lisa decide to track her down. Chas spends the night with a guilt-wracked Ross.


Yuk - creepy Tony is up to mischief, manipulating Whitney until she's at breaking point. What's particularly disturbing is the fact that he's now got her wrapped around his little finger, but no longer wants her - because she looks far too grown up for his tastes. Instead, he takes a shine to Lauren, who's pleased he seems to treat her as if she was an adult, which is more than can be said for Max.


Sally is frantic when Rosie goes missing, and Kevin hits the roof when he discovers Tony was the last person to see her. After spotting Carla giving Liam a kiss, Tony takes the pair of them and Maria away for a break, and while the ladies relax in a spa, he and Liam embark on a cave tour. Tony persuades him to go to the top of a precipice, which brings memories of his neardeath experience in the Lakes flooding back.


It's a week of highs and lows for the residents of Cwmderi as Jinx gets sacked from Cwm FM only to be immediately reinstated by Griffiths after Gwyneth sets him straight on a few things.

Carys is looking on the bright side of life as she takes the initiative in her relationship with Jinx while Nesta can only see the darker side of life as her depression spirals out of control and she seeks solace in alcohol and medication.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 27, 2008
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