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SOAPBOX ... (Week beginning Monday November 5).


Poor Jase - no matter how hard he tries to flee his past, it comes back to haunt him. This time, it's also threatening to engulf Jay, who spends time with Terry - to his father's horror. Over at the Vic, Ronnie is devastated when her offer for the club is summarily gazumped.


Marlon is chuffed to hear Donna moaning about co-worker Ross. Sadly, the forward motion stops when an argument between her and Marlon sends her spinning back into the seductive copper's clutches, and the situation becomes even more dire when Marlon finds out Ross no longer loves his girlfriend.


Ste finds a council flat for him, Amy and the baby, but makes things worse for them by stealing Warren's wallet. Amy is worried about her dad's reaction to the move, but when she thinks he sent a social worker to check on Leah, she's livid. Jacqui is furious to discover Tony is still in touch with Harry, and ends the relationship.


Sarah and Jason settle down to married life and discover, as many couples have, that the honeymoon doesn't last long. The duo find all the attention being lavished on David too much to bear, but it's their relationship that suffers. The scheming teen gets another opportunity to make his sister's life a misery.


Poor Oliver. Just when things are going well between him and Elle, along comes fate to kick him in the teeth. She goes behind his back to contact his father. Carmella announces she's pregnant.


It's Halloween and the skeletons are about to be unleashed from the villager's closets. Will Dani's party be a success? Can Ffion succeed in convincing Hywel she is pregnant? And will Lucy fall for Garry's charms once again?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 3, 2007
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