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SOAPBOX ... (Week beginning Monday May 12).


We've known for a while that there was a secret reason why Marco split from his first wife - those sheepish looks were a dead giveaway. After being bullied into it by his sister, he finally tells Mia the truth: his marriage ended because of his inability to have children. But will he inform Carmella of this fact?


Who'd be Roxy at the moment? Certainly not us. She's battling her guilt over sleeping with her sister's on-off lover and mowing down Pat, and they're not the only problems she has to face. After feeling queasy and enduring one or two fainting spells, she's sent to the doctor, who tells her she's pregnant. Making matters worse is she can't confide in her sister.


Poor Viv is beside herself with the whole Freddie business, so much so it's beginning to give her nightmares. She even grabs a stranger, thinking the con man has come back to the village, but it's just her imagination working overtime. Sadly, everyone else seems to think she's making the thief up too, and by the end of the week, she and Bob are on bail and expected to attend a court hearing.


Liam proves there's only so much temptation he can take as his marriage to Maria hangs by the thinnest of threads. While she decides the union is over and moves into a flat by herself, he ends up cold, wet and miserable on Carla's front door. Sure enough, he succumbs to her charms, but Maria changes her mind and attempts to win him back.


The start of the week signals the end of Max and Steph's relationship. They clash about money and Steph ends things when Max jumps to the wrong conclusion about her friendship with Niall. The Osbornes' financial woes continue and Newt overhears Jack tell Darren the Dog is not insured and the young emo realises the true extent of his actions.


Dani is in a pickle. She needs a husband in order to claim the magazine's pounds 20,000 prize money. She considers one of the Polish workers at Parc y Deri, but is a suitable candidate right under her nose? A familiar face returns to the village to apply for a job at Penrhewl. But what will the reaction be to the news that Eileen is in charge? Anita's been short tempered and snappy over the last few weeks and this week we find out why.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 10, 2008
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