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SOAPBOX ... (Week beginning Monday August 4).


Oliver and Elle's renewed relationship angers Carmella so much, she revokes his access rights to Chloe - can sensible Marco make her change her mind? Toadie returns and shocks everybody by revealing he plans to adopt a child from East Timor. Taylah and Zeke decide to end their relationship, but not until after Taylah tells Zeke all about bad boy Chris.


Sam Dingle isn't exactly known for his razorsharp wit and macho persona; neither is he much of a ladies' man. In recent weeks his worrying tendency to fail to think things through saw him burn down Eric's factory, and now he has got the wrong end of the stick again. When Jo shows him some kindness, Sam gets the wrong impression that some of his non-existent charms have rubbed off on the beleaguered farmer's wife.


Peggy is nothing if not an optimist. Not only is she planning to marry another Mitchell, she's also convinced her family can celebrate her engagement to Archie over a nice meal. Predictably, the dinner ends in disaster thanks to Ronnie's sulking and Phil's aggression towards Sean, and the landlady is left wondering if tying the knot again is really such a good idea.


The booze cruisers' return trip is ruined when Audrey crashes the car. Later, she realises Bill isn't the man for her, so she throws him out, and Ted agrees to keep her company. Dev is besotted with Nina; Norris is fascinated by their potential affair, and Amber thinks her dad is being stupid. At the Platts', David hacks into Michelle's emails and Tina blows her top to discover he's been spying on her.


Sasha pleads with Calvin to get her more drugs as her last fix wears off. The bobby encounters Nige dealing drugs and agrees to let him off in exchange for his stash. However, the future looks better for the Valentines after they unite to help Sasha kick heroin. Darren struggles to keep his composure at Jack's funeral, and panics when Frankie reveals she wants her husband's body exhumed.


Lock the doors, take the phone off the hook and put the kids to bed as you will not want to miss this one. This week, Eileen makes a decision about her jam-making future; could this be the end of fruit preserves as we know them? And as the official launch of Sion's book looms, writing about Cwmderi's residents wasn't the best idea as he starts to feel the brunt of many a sharp tongue.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2008
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