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SOAPBOX . . .Week beginning Monday, April 22.

EASTENDERS (BBC1) Janine's relationship with Matt runs into problems when he proposes. Sharon returns to the Square for Angie's funeral. Peggy organises the wake and is outraged by the bereaved daughter's plans.

CORONATION STREET (ITV) Eve is more relaxed at knowing the truth about Linda's disappearance, little realising Fred thinks she's having an affair. He decides to tackle her about Ray Sykes's revelations, leading to a sharp exit for the fiery Rovers owner. Sally learns it isn't just gossipers who think she started the fire.

EMMERDALE (ITV) Katie fears she's pregnant, so Andy buys a testing kit. With so much parental pressure, they pretend to split up, hoping to lull their dads into a false sense of security. Latisha goes on a spending spree with Cain, using Charity's stolen credit card. The thief wastes little time in showing off her new clothes.

POBOL Y CWM (S4C) Sabrina resorts to drastic action in order to deal with the ghastly new family in Cwmderi. Some helpful information from Barry could help her get rid of them once and for all. Geraint appears to be winning the battle of wills against Karen and Diane, but a surprise visitor helps tip the scales in the girls' favour.

BROOKSIDE (S4C) Jacqui wakes up in hospital, unaware of what's happening and struggles to cope with the possible consequences of recent events, while Max and Ron end up at loggerheads. Anthony's nightmare seems to be over, while Jimmy thinks Helen is his next saviour.

NEIGHBOURS (BBC1) Maggie tries to talk Toadie into staying at work before he's forced to face his enemy, Tim Collins. Matt comes through his financial crisis and Flick plucks up the courage to invite her dream man on a date.

CROSSROADS (ITV) Nicola tells Phil she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease and her humiliation is compounded by his contemptuous reaction.
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 20, 2002
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