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EASTENDERS JANINE pours her heart out to Terry, while Harry and Peggy decide to tell everyone about their move to Menorca. Sonia vows her first day at college will mark a fresh start. Anthony vents his guilt and frustration on Mo and Garry panics as Lynne's spending for their big day spirals out of control. An unexpected mourner surprises the Trueman brothers at Audrey's funeral when they discover he is being pursued by the police. Meanwhile, an explicit film proves too much for fainthearted Barry during a parenting class and Anthony drowns his sorrows in the Vic.

CORONATION STREET GEENA searches a bag of Linda's belongings in the hope of finding clues as to her whereabouts, but is shocked to discover she has left behind her favourite clothes. Sally is public enemy number one as both Sarah and Rita have a go at her for her deceitful behaviour. When Kevin learns his ex-wife is seeing his best mate, he gets drunk and smashes up Martin's car. Then he ruins his friendship with Molly by making a misguided pass at her before an epic punch-up ensues.

Elsewhere, drama queen Karen walks out on Steve after he fails to find them a place to live.

EMMERDALE DISASTER strikes after Marc gets behind the wheel of a car - stolen by Andy to impress his friends. As panic sets in when the youngsters realise the identity of their victim, they decide to destroy all evidence of their part in the hit-and-run. Eve's absence at the teenagers' meeting prompts Marc to visit her house, where he makes a disturbing discovery, while Cain fears his counterfeiting racket has been discovered.

BROOKSIDE MAX yields to the pressure of keeping his guilty secret and confesses the chilling truth about his part in Susannah's death. Meanwhile, the Dixons despair as Robbie is released without charge. He soon takes advantage of a lonely and embittered Katie, who succumbs to the demon drink.

CROSSROADS SARAH-JANE regrets inviting Patrick over for a dinner party when he lets the cat out of the bag regarding her first marriage. She tells Mark she kept quiet about her ex because she was ashamed of his abusive behaviour and is forced to explain what really happened to him.

Meanwhile, Kate and Patrick discover why Chloe and Nicola fell out, Oona plays devious games with Rocky and Joanne refuses to believe Ray still loves her.

NEIGHBOURS DIONE struggles to re-establish her friendship with Tess, unaware that love-rat Darcy's two-timing threatens to drive them further apart. The Hancocks receive an unexpected visit from social services and Karl resists plans to introduce changes at the surgery.

HOLLYOAKS RUTH packs her bags and leaves the past behind and Lewis is distraught to realise that includes him. Meanwhile, the Hunters have a bad day at the rally as Les nurses a hangover and Dan is disqualified. Geri wises up to Jason's womanising ways and Mandy is furious about Ben's cosy evening with Laura.

POBOL Y CWM FOLLOWING Marshall's Great Escape, it's question time for Stacey and Diane as CID snoops around for answers. Lowri and Delme also prepare to say their goodbyes and it's showdown for Robert.


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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 9, 2001
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