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NEIGHBOURS: Susan reacts angrily to the suggestion she should make changes because of her MS.

EASTENDERS: Zainab considers taking desperate action to sort out her family's finances, and Patrick springs a birthday surprise on Chelsea.

EMMERDALE: Andy is annoyed by Debbie's presence in Sarah's life, but it's poor Jo who ends up bearing the brunt of his anger. Doug tries to build bridges between an increasingly distant Laurel and Ashley.

CORRIE: Sally (above) can't wait to put her stamp on her new home, but Claire is having second thoughts about the house swap. Leanne tries to charm Michelle.

HOME & AWAY: Rachel frets about Jack's health, but at least Aden is on the mend as his memory returns.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul worries he's about to slip back into bad old habits when Kirsten flirts with him.

EASTENDERS: It's Chelsea's birthday party and she can sulk if she wants to - especially when she learns the identity of the mystery guest.

RIVER CITY: Raymond's (left) new girlfriend takes healthy competition a too far when her new menu for The Grill deliberately undercuts Carly's Cafe.

EMMERDALE: Instead of clearing Viv's name, the private detective's findings incriminate her further.

Now, even Bob is starting to doubt his wife's innocence.

HOME & AWAY: Ric is made an offer he finds hard to refuse, and a tactless Geoff manages to upset Melody.


NEIGHBOURS: Rosie realises she can't keep her pregnancy a secret much longer after suffering a dizzy spell, and decides to come clean to Carmella. At least her sister should be understanding when it comes to morning sickness. Oliver also discovers it's difficult to keep anything confidential in Erinsborough when he is caught out enjoying another liaison with Mia.

HOME&AWAY: Belle accepts Leah's (above) offer of a job, but is unimpressed to learn the name of her new workplace. After his recent disasters, Geoff decides he'd be better off steering clear of girls all together, and Aden's memory continues to return, bringing with it recollections of his grandfather's abusive behaviour.


NEIGHBOURS: Mia worries Oliver (left) is using her, and Marco is forced to tell Carmella his secret.

EASTENDERS: Masood tries to find a solution to his family's financial crisis, and Zainab has a few ideas about how the clan can economise.

EMMERDALE: Ashley visits the Dolands to try to find out where Mel is, and is shocked to learn the family have completed the DNA tests. Eric is equally stunned when Val, who isn't known for her taste and restraint, announces she wants a low-key wedding.

HOME & AWAY: Ric's adrenaline is racing following the fight, but he still claims he won't be getting back in the ring. Geoff discovers valuable information about Sam.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph leaves town for a while, and if poor Toadie wasn't in enough turmoil following the wedding, Frazer runs over his dog.

EASTENDERS: Heather (left) decides to end her marriage, and someone eavesdrops on a heart-toheart between Libby and Darren.

EMMERDALE: Jo finds herself on the receiving end of another one of Andy's tantrums when she changes her mind about selling the goats, while Gabby begs stepmother Laurel to come back home.

CORRIE: The house swap reaches a stalemate when Claire and Sally both refuse to back down. At least progress is being made over the road as the builders start work on improving the former Duckworth residence.

HOME & AWAY: Time is running out for Martha, so Roman calls in a favour from his old mates in the SAS in the hope they can locate Sam's sunken boat.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 17, 2008
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