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ITV, 7pm

NEW vicar Charles has only been there five minutes and he's already causing problems for Harriet. When he tells her that he thinks the grave of Richard Thomason has been disturbed, she's left terrified Malone's murder could be about to be discovered.

Elsewhere, it might finally be time for Paul to talk to Mandy about his secret shame, and Jamie knows there'll be hell to pay when Millie goes missing while he and Dawn are looking after her.

coronation street

ITV, 8pm

CARLA soon regrets laying into Peter for doing a disappearing act, when she learns he's actually been in hospital at death's door. She's desperate for them to get back together and to look after him, but he insists it's too late.

Dev risks the wrath of his neighbours as he goes behind their backs to let Ray wine and dine him in the Bistro. While Abi leads a boycott outside his shop, Roy arrives with news of the planning officers' decision.


BBC1, 8pm

AFTER his dark night of the soul, Mick prepares to face his issues head on and goes to confront Katy.

Meanwhile, completely unaware, Linda has her own plans that don't involve Walford, or her husband.

Stacey, Kat and Martin are worried about Kush, as he and Arthur are still nowhere to be found, Stuart, pictured left, finds himself in hot water over the messy business with Callum's dodgy boss, and Patrick is regretting his deal with Phil to help protect Denise.


Jamie and Dawn can't find Millie

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Publication:The Plymouth Herald (Plymouth, England)
Date:Jan 1, 2021
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