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River City (BBC1) Love is in the air - but then again, it always seems to be in Shieldinch. Hardly a day goes by without passions being awakened.

At least the date is fitting this time because the residents are preparing for Valentine's Day.

Bizarrely, Eileen and Murray decide a camping trip would provide them with the perfect opportunity to seal their love. Have they forgotten how terrible the weather is in Scotland in February? She also tries to pack all her home comforts, so it's obvious right from the start that it's all going to end in disaster.

Meanwhile, Gordon somehow manages to double book himself. He's not only promised to spend time with daughter Hayley but also with Ruth. When Robbie, who's jealous of Gordon and Ruth's relationship, finds out, he uses the situation to his advantage, upsetting Hayley in the process.

Coronation Street (ITV1) When Peter goes missing, the locals fear for his safety, little realising he's let himself into Turner's Joinery for more booze. He then turns up drunk at George's house, where he is soon sent packing.

Leanne and Ken agree that Peter needs to go to rehab and George offers to pay - but the bookie just wants his son back.

In the Lakes, Gail is terrified as Joe sails off to fake his own death for the insurance money.

David races to be with her and makes his mum see that if she's not going to report Joe to the police then she'd better get her story straight about where he is.

Tina is thrilled when Jason gives her a Valentine's present - his divorce papers from Sarah - and then pops the question.

And Dev and Sunita pretend to be happily married for the sake of her aunts.

Emmerdale (ITV1) Diane catches Maisie drinking vodka first thing in the morning and heavily flirting with the customers, leaving Nathan with little choice but to drag her out of the pub.

Natasha is surprised when Ryan asks about Mark, finally beginning to wonder what kind of man his father was, but he receives a cold reception when Nathan arrives with Maisie.

The next day, Nathan is still fuming about Ryan putting in an appearance at the house and pays his half-brother a visit at the garage to tell him to stay away.

Things get worse for the Wyldes as Maisie really falls off the wagon and refuses all help from those concerned for her welfare.

Meanwhile, Carl is frantic when his behaviour causes Thomas and Anya to play in a field where they are exposed to something that causes a serious rash. Carl is devastated when the doctors reveal they suspect the children have contracted a potentially-fatal disease.

Hollyoaks (C4) To say Hannah has had a disastrous track record with men is like saying Michaela is about as reserved as Vicky Pollard high on sugar.

This week Jamie reveals his true colours by stabbing his former partner in crime, Blue, in the neck. He then turns the knife on Hannah as the police try to arrest him and stabs Darren. Hannah opts to go travelling and leaves Darren pounds 5000, taking Jamie's stash of money with her.

Meanwhile, Carmel is less than impressed when Cheryl lets slip that she and Calvin have kissed. Calvin manages to smooth things over with his ex-wife but only by lying when she asks him if he's slept with anyone else.

Home and Away (Five) We've had murders, mass murders and people-smuggling of late, so why not a siege and an overdose? It all begins when a group of angry drunks begin taunting Leah and Hazem with racist abuse. The couple are dragged to the diner and a frightening siege begins. The drunks throw Molotov cocktails around, setting the place on fire. Inside, Geoff and Alf battle to put out the flames and Hazem is badly injured. When the dust settles, Alf is clearly traumatised. Can he come to terms with what happened in the diner? Liam finds himself the focus of unwanted press attention after having his stomach pumped following an overdose and Aden tries to heal the rift between Nicole and her troubled ex-boyfriend. Neighbours (Five) Dan organises a memorial for Sean Thomas Fitzgerald, the baby he and Libby longed for who died last week after Susan's fall. Although Libby attends the event, it's clear she still blames her husband for their loss. Eventually, Dan realises he can no longer live with his wife if she continues to feel as she does towards him.

Sunny decides it's time she and Zeke took their relationship to the next level, while he announces he wants to move to Korea to be closer to his girlfriend. However, he's forced to rethink his decision when Susan's MS worsens.

Declan steps in when he realises that Harry is being bullied at his foster home, while Lou presses the DHS for a decision on whether he can become the Ramsay kid's legal guardian.


There's a siege at the diner
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