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EastEnders (BBC1) It's not often viewers find themselves feeling sorry for Ian Beale but that could be the case this week when Bobby goes missing.

Fortunately, our sympathies won't be played on for too long as the little boy soon turns up again - and his disappearance has the added bonus of bringing Jane back to the Square.

On the downside though, her return does give Janine the opportunity to blackmail Ian into signing Phil's debt over to her and Archie.

It looks like the dastardly duo won't have everything their own way though, as Billy overhears their plotting and the Mitchells organise a Christmas lunch to boost their finances. Peggy is in such a good mood, she even has second thoughts about divorcing Archie, until Janine drops a bombshell.

Elsewhere, it's another bad week for Max as Shirley exposes him as a conman but at least he has one supporter left in the shape of Abi.

Whitney waits to discover Tony's fate as the jury reach their verdict and Charlie pressures Mo to direct the nativity play. Masood continues to worry about his finances but Amira hopes her dad may be able to help fund the wedding as she visits him in prison.

Emmerdale (ITV1) Aaron is still in denial about having made a move on Adam and decides to ask Holly out - much to her delight. However, Adam worries when he sees how close the two are growing and warns his sister that she would do better not to get involved with his confused friend - though he won't say why.

Holly and Aaron spend a pleasant evening together. She moves in for a kiss as it draws to a close but Aaron freezes. Will he come to terms with his feelings about her brother and admit the truth about what happened? Meanwhile, Charity finds the burden of the money all too much and decides to give it all away, leaving a despairing Debbie with the job of getting it back. Her mother's transformation continues apace as she shows she plans to settle down into village life by taking a job at the Sharma factory.

However, while Charity might be happy to let the money go, Carl is far from pleased at the idea of losing what's left of his family fortune and puts his relationship on the line to get it back. River City (BBC1) You've probably already predicted it but the Christmas show is on course to be a disaster.

Poor Liz is on the verge of a breakdown but Eileen insists the show must go on. Shieldinch's residents agree but will lend a helping hand on one condition - that Malcolm plays the dame. Will everything work out? Meanwhile, unlikely Romeo Lenny has a unique plan to woo his way back into Lydia's graces - by trying to find her long-lost son. Ewan thinks it's a potentially disastrous idea and makes matters worse by blurting it out to Amber.

Lydia is just about to go berserk at Lenny for the bother he's inadvertently caused between her and their daughter when he makes an announcement - he's found her son. It seems all her dreams are about to come true.

Hollyoaks (C4) You wouldn't want to be Anita when the truth emerges that she took drugs at the students' Christmas party and was not spiked by Dave. The tearaway teen accused Dave of the crime when he spurned her advances, and now the poor boy is being treated like an outcast by even his closest friends.

Concerned for his sister's welfare, an unsuspecting Ravi urges Anita to report Dave to the police, but the pressure is on her to confess when Dave barges into the Roy house and demands Anita takes back her accusations.

Elsewhere in Chester, Loretta is thrilled when Jake tells her he loves her but it would seem that their relationship will end before it's even really begun because of a secret from Loretta's past. Meanwhile, Lauren starts to warm to Gaz but Rae throws a hissy fit when she is told she'll have to work with Newt at Relish.

Home and Away (Five) For months we've thought of Hugo as a solid bloke but his past is looking murkier by the day.

Martha is left reeling when her boyfriend's former business partner Suzy reveals she is also his wife. Hugo swears it was just a marriage of convenience to help with the business and promises Martha he will get Suzy to back off. Later, Suzy shows up at Martha's house and tells her that she and Hugo were once much more than just business partners.

An upset Martha moves out to the farm to do some thinking. Hugo visits his girlfriend and tells her he wants them to adopt Bambang and become a family but when Suzy offers him a one-way plane ticket, will he change his mind? Elsewhere, Aden and Nicole continue to row about Liam. When the struggling musician discovers faulty wiring in his shop, he gets bad news and ends up moving in with the pair.

Meanwhile, Ruby struggles to come to terms with her recent diagnosis as a diabetic.


Trouble for Martha & Hugo
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