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River City (BBC1) There are not many of us who haven't been affected by the economic downturn - even Shieldinch's residents are feeling the pinch.

Business at Hola is going from bad to worse, and Lydia can barely cope with the strain. She desperately wants to prove to everyone - including herself - that she can survive without Lenny. Sadly, Lydia feels she's let her daughter down when Amber insists on deferring university so she can stick around to help.

Lydia also has a run-in with Scarlett, until the latter realises they have lots in common. Feeling guilty about falling out with Lydia, Scarlett pulls out all the stops to boost Hola's coffers.

Meanwhile, it's good to see that Lenny is also struggling alone. However, he gets a chance to redeem himself by lending a young heroin addict a helping hand.

Emmerdale (ITV1) Mark finds he is unable to keep his re-emerging feelings for Faye under wraps and, meeting her in a lay-by, he confesses that he wants her back and kisses her.

However, she tells him that the only way she will ever be with him again is if he comes back to her single.

Mark is left in turmoil, thinking of what his abandonment will do to his family. He comes to believe that his marriage to Natasha will never be what it once was and decides to give it up to be with Faye again.

However, he is stunned when Natasha reveals she has booked a posh hotel for them to go to for a romantic evening.

Faye is left fuming when she discovers Mark is rebuilding his relationship with his other wife but he assures her she is the one he wants now and tries to carry on seeing her in secret - although Ryan becomes suspicious when his mum receives a bunch of flowers.

Coronation Street (ITV1) The day of baby Liam's christening arrives and it's such a momentous occasion that even proud grandparents Barry and Helen are prepared to call a truce and accept Tony and Maria's relationship.

However, it looks like they may not be able to play happy families for long as Tony receives a phone call from Carla summoning him to Liam Senior's graveside.

Elsewhere, Molly realises she's going to need to find a new excuse to keep sneaking out to see Kevin after Tyrone surprises her with a home gym, and Pam goes out debt-collecting. Hollyoaks (Channel 4) Normally Archie couldn't find his way out of a paper bag so it's funny how the death of Sarah Barnes and his sister Zoe's subsequent incarceration have transformed him into Sherlock Holmes.

The sex-obsessed student goes to see Lydia in hospital and is stunned when she reveals Sarah might have killed herself.

Determined to clear Zoe's name, Archie accuses Lydia of killing Sarah and framing Zoe for her murder.

Meanwhile, Ste struggles to look after Il Gnosh while Tony is on his honeymoon and invites Natty to move into the flat.

Tony returns to discover the pair have turned his beloved restaurant into a burger bar and, during Sarah's wake, Ste gets over-excited and makes Amy feel fenced in by saying things he shouldn't.

Home and Away (Five) Charlie's determination to prove that Grant is a rapist has come dangerously close to an obsession and this week she finally snaps in a move that could cost the police officer her career.

She begins to look for other victims near to where he lives and becomes even more determined to put Grant behind bars when she meets two women who claim to have been attacked by him.

When she returns to the bay Charlie finds Grant and tells him she wants to put the past behind them - but she then kidnaps him.

Worried about her mother's frame of mind, Ruby searches for her - only to find her in a shack in the bush, preparing to torture Grant into a confession.

Neighbours (Five) Ringo proves a friend indeed when he tells Declan that he doesn't have to appear cheerful all the time.

The pair then let their hair down during an overnight stay at a spa, where the staff mistake them for a gay couple. Declan leaves India in Zeke's care but probably wouldn't have done if he'd realised how troubled his friend is.

Zeke spends most of his time panicking about the possibility of hurting the baby and adopts obsessive compulsive behaviour to help him cope.

Elle continues to make Lucas's life a misery, this time by demoting him at the garage and giving Steph the manager's job. Fortunately, Donna makes her see the error of her ways.

Rebecca blows her top when she realises Paul is planning on using the vows he wrote for Lyn.


Charlie takes on Grant
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