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Coronation Street (ITV1) Leanne returns to the Street and Peter begs her for another chance. She agrees but then blows her top when she finds out about his fling with Michelle. However, Blanche gives her an ultimatum - either get back with Peter or leave Weatherfield for good.

Elsewhere, Eileen is burgled and discovers the culprit could have been one of Sean's one-night stands. At least the Streetcar workers lighten her mood by giving her a new TV.

Sally and Kevin plan a holiday but Molly thinks it will mean an end for her and the mechanic. However, she's also torn by the thought of a tryst with Kev that clashes with Jack's leaving do. Once at the hotel, Molly and Kevin get carried away and he nearly misses his flight, despite the fact Molly is aware of the time.

Darryl and Amber split up because he spots her kissing Mitch and after Ramsay's funeral Rita announces she's going to retire.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4) Hollyoaks breaks new ground with a week of non-linear episodes - a first in soap history.

The main storyline sees Newt, Theresa, Lauren and Anita head to the countryside for fun and frolics. However, the feisty four are shocked when Gaz turns up and causes trouble. Newt is left with blood on his hands while standing over Gaz's lifeless body - but is he the culprit? Frankie is shocked when she discovers Newt is no longer taking his medication and he isn't allowed to return home.

Meanwhile Malachy gets a once-in-a-lifetime job offer in Canada but Mercedes doesn't know whether she can leave her family, so he faces a choice between his career and his marriage.

Archie comforts Leila over her break-up with Elliot and they end up kissing. Mike asks Myra to look after Lucas when he goes to visit Amy. Emmerdale (ITV1) Nicola and Scarlett are hostile to Chas being present in Mill Cottage and she realises that things aren't going to be easy for her and Carl.

Her fears are proved right when Aaron returns home from holiday and heads to Paddy's house. He is shocked when Paddy orders him out, and when he learns the truth, he says he's on Paddy's side but the angry vet refuses to listen and makes him leave.

Aaron is furious to see Chas and Carl together and tells his mum he wants nothing to do with her any more. Chas is fearful that she has ruined her relationship with her son and tells Carl she isn't sure if getting back together was a good idea.

Elsewhere in the village, Jamie is devastated when Gennie reveals she slept with Bob, while Cain is annoyed when he realises Faye is using him to make Mark jealous. Jai and Nikhil's sister Priya arrives in the village and instantly gets on the wrong side of Ashley.

Neighbours (Five) Paul isn't happy when he realises Donna has the power to end his latest plan, which involves stopping Elle working at a rival newspaper.

He threatens to have the teenager thrown out of the Robinson house, which makes her feel more insecure than ever, and things don't get any better when she, Ringo and Zeke overhear Bridget and Declan criticising their abilities to be good godparents for little India.

Things get so bad, the teenagers aren't speaking to each other by the time Bridget and her daughter head off for a break in Oakey with Steve and Miranda.

However, on the way Steve loses control of the car and crashes in the middle of nowhere. He wanders into the Bush looking for help but on his return can't find Bridget or India.

Mickey leaves Ramsay Street to be reunited with his parents in New York.

Home and Away (Five) Miles and Kirsty are mystified by Nicole's recent destructive behaviour. However, when Belle and Aden break the bad news about Belle's illness to their friends and families, they realise why she has been so upset.

Geoff comforts Nicole but when she attempts to kiss him he pulls away. Upset, she goes to a uni party and starts drinking heavily - and it seems no one can stop her downward spiral.

Elsewhere, when Ruby accompanies Charlie to the hospital for a check-up following her accident, she is confused when Dr Walker again brings up Charlie's pregnancy - but Charlie continues to insist she has never carried a child.

Also this week, Ruby and Xavier decide to take their relationship to the next level.

River City (BBC1) Scarlett's finally discovered Michael is the local sex attacker. Unfortunately, it's only when he's got her locked up in his home. And even telling him she has to pick up little Madonna won't persuade the pervert to let her go.

Scarlett realises keeping Michael happy is the key to staying safe, so she listens as he opens up about his troubled childhood. Eventually, Michael seems on the verge of letting her go - but then Gina calls and he realises that Scarlett has only been humouring him all along.


Belle delivers sad news
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