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EastEnders (BBC1) The last time Dawn was due to get married, she turned up at the register office to discover her fianc had been murdered the night before.

But it seems that's not the reason she's so subdued as her latest big day approaches.

Instead, the barmaid's conscience is troubling her - and she stuns the guests at her hen party by admitting her affair with Phil.

The bride-to-be can't bring herself to inform the groom as well but Minty saves her a job by telling his mate following a very tense stag night.

Garry decides he wants to go ahead with the ceremony anyway - until the thought of Phil and Dawn together finally proves too much.

Meanwhile, Zainab stuns the family by taking the news that Tamwar won't be going to Oxford well - before making a shock announcement.

Bradley faces a dilemma when Syd is offered a job in Canada and Manda moves into Minty's flat.

River City (BBC1) Have you been screaming at your telly lately, saying: "No, Jennifer. Stay away from nasty Professor Michael Learmonth."

Well, maybe not literally but it's been pretty tense seeing her befriending him - after all, he is the local sex attacker.

This week she meets him at the Tall Ship and pesters him into letting her go to his flat so she can pick up text books.

Once there, he can't take his eyes off her - and it's only a matter of time before he makes his move. Poor Jennifer.

Elsewhere, Daniel goes to a meeting in London and leaves Joe in charge of the boxing club. Joe also moves into Daniel and Marianne's flat.

She's not happy about this and her opinion of him gets worse when she realises he's drinking heavily while in charge of the business.

But things take an unexpected turn when Joe confides in her.

Emmerdale (ITV1) Chas tries to convince Aaron to drop the assault charges against John but to no avail.

When she tells the Bartons that she can't get through to her son, Holly decides to take more direct action by trying to seduce him.

Realising what she is up to, Aaron tells her the only way he'll retract the complaint is if she sleeps with him, leading a disgusted Holly to storm out and leaving Aaron guilty at his actions.

Moira is shocked when she learns how far her daughter was willing to go to ensure her dad didn't go to prison and heads round to talk to the Dingles to sort out the matter.

Zak and Lisa are adamant Aaron is in the right until Moira reveals that Aaron attempted to bribe Holly into having sex with him.

John and Moira are delighted when they receive confirmation that the charges have been dropped but Zak warns John to never lay a hand on a member of his family again. Meanwhile, Val continues hiding in the B& B. Neighbours (Five) The local teenagers go to the Winter Cool music fest, which can only mean one thing - disaster.

Whenever any Ramsay Street residents leave the cosy confines of Erinsborough, something bad always happens to them.

Last week Sunny and Zeke fell down a ravine. Now Declan, Ringo and Lucas are off trying to save them - just as Bridget goes into labour. But luckily Donna finds a St John's Ambulance person to help her and Dr Karl talks the medic through the procedure.

Although Declan makes it back to see his daughter being born, she is whisked away to hospital by helicopter due to breathing problems.

Eventually she gets the all-clear and, in the heat of the moment, new grandmother Rebecca asks Paul to marry her.

The Kennedys have less to celebrate. They find out Zeke bumped his head during the fall and urge him to have professional help. Susan is taunted by the public after her plans to be a surrogate mother for Libby become common knowledge thanks to a newspaper article. Hollyoaks (Channel 4) Poor old Tony Hutchinson has never had much luck with the fairer sex and there were a few raised eyebrows when he and Cindy Cunningham got together a few months ago.

But it seems Tony is destined to have his heart broken again as the dastardly duo of Cindy and Darren hatch a plan to take over his businesses.

Meanwhile, Zoe is thrilled when she finally gets a dream job in television but soon realises she has sunk to a new low when she starts work on a reality show called Buff TV.

An increasingly desperate Zoe agrees to film raunchy footage of Theresa for a programme and, while underage Theresa is pleased with the results, Zoe fears she may have crossed a line.

Elsewhere, Ash asks Loretta out on a date when she starts working at the laundrette.

Ste gets no sympathy from Mike after nearly letting Daniel and Abi take baby Lucas.

Lydia and Sarah struggle to contain their feelings for one another when they break up.


Declan, Bridget and baby
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