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EastEnders (BBC1) Bianca may not be everyone's idea of the perfect parent, but it's clear she genuinely loves Whitney - so she's understandably worried about the teen's real mum Debra being back on the scene. It's left to Ricky to calm her down, but even he starts to lose his cool when he learns Whitney could be leaving Walford with her mother.

Syed discovers Zainab has set up a hidden camera to keep an eye on his budding romance. He and Parveen decide to play their interfering mothers at their own game over a family dinner, but the evening proves even more eventful than expected when Amira turns up.

Tanya is forced to accept Max's help after Jack increases her rent, Ronnie schemes to get pregnant by "accident" and Chelsea considers dumping Theo before he grows tired of her.

River City (BBC1) Art student Innes Maitland arrives in Shieldinch, and makes a big impression on Amber Murdoch. She makes plans to impress the newcomer at a house-warming party he throws with flatmate Charlie, but Charlie's younger sister Jennifer gets a little worse for wear and spills a drink all over her dress.

Meanwhile, Shirley's financial problems are brought into focus. Nicki takes the matter into her own hands by calling Della to give her the full picture. Initially, Shirley is angry with Nicki for interfering, but soon forgets all that when she's reunited with her daughter.

Della invites Shirley to spend time with her in Spain and she agrees. But what should she do about the hairdressing salon? That's simple: sell it to entrepreneur Gordon Swann.

Emmerdale (ITV1) It's hard to believe, but Andy's stock with the villagers plummets even lower this week.

First, Aaron finds his dog trapped inside a barn at Butler's Farm and decides to take his revenge. Then Andy also annoys Diane when he fails to show up to a tea party for Sarah and upsets Victoria by packing up all her belongings.

Is the farmer just being his usual charmless self, or is his increasingly erratic behaviour a sign of a more serious problem? Elsewhere, Carl is furious to discover Cain is working at the garage, but realises the Dingle might have an Achilles heel - Debbie.

Carl demands she repay the loan and blocks off her garage until she hands over the money, but when her dad offers to settle the debt, he's told the amount has gone up to pounds 2.5million.

Bob feels awkward working alongside Gennie at the caf, Jamie hears upsetting news from Louise and David considers asking Pollard for advice on dealing with his constituents.

Hollyoaks (C4) After the fire at The Loft, the folks of Hollyoaks are trying to get their lives back on track, but some find it more difficult than others. Cindy is worried when Darren goes AWOL, and her joy when he turns up alive soon turns to despair when she learns Tony has hired him to work at Il Gnosh. The power of Darren's new job goes to his head, but the former gambling addict is brought down to earth when he learns he was only hired to prevent him from killing himself.

Abi panics when Ste tells her Mike has offered to look after Lucas while he studies for an HND qualification, and Zoe is thrilled when she is accepted into Bournemouth University. Her plans are in serious jeopardy when she is accused of plagiarism. Sarah grows jealous when she spots Lydia chatting to her exgirlfriend, and Sasha continues to alienate everyone around her as she struggles to cope with Warren's death.

Neighbours (Five) Is Paul innocent? Ramsay Street's residents can't decide after Cass files a harassment charge. Rebecca is sure he's blameless, but her support wrecks her relationship with Andrew.

Cass's actions return to haunt her when she begins receiving real threatening letters, forcing her to make a very public apology. Meanwhile,

Rachel's exchange partner Sunny arrives in Erinsborough and immediately makes a bad impression, but a call to Zeke's radio show soon reveals a hidden side to the new arrival.

Elle is left curious when she unearths some love letters in Lucas's belongings, and Ringo is sacked from the team lying to cover up a minor car accident to protect Andrew Clark.

Home And Away (Five) Roman's troubles continue when Gardy reveals his true reason for coming to Summer Bay - he wants Roman to help him rob a shop. Roman reluctantly agrees to go along to prevent Gardy from hurting anyone, but during the job an elderly woman has a heart attack. Roman administers resuscitation and the pair escape just in time - but what else is Gardy planning? Elsewhere, Irene's nightmare continues when the decomposed body of Lou is pulled from the ocean, and the constant stress of the situation leaves her tempted to start drinking again.

There's another near-death experience to contend with for Liam. After Belle finds out about his drug use, he goes on a bender that leaves Aden hanging on for dear life..


Gardy has plans for Roman
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