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River City (BBC1)

Scarlett Adams: bookworm. It's not a description you'd ever imagine she'd be labelled with, so prepare yourself for a shock this week.

Scarlett is the sort of woman you can imagine delving into the latest Jackie Collins or Jilly Cooper bonkbuster. But poetry? Surely not! However, her eyes are opened to such things when university lecturer Michael Learmonth gives her a book of verse to try. Scarlett then jumps at the chance to have free lessons from him, in the hope it will give her a chance to broaden daughter Madonna's horizons once she gets older.

In a twist reminiscent of Educating Rita, Jimmy worries his wife's new hobby will make her think he's no longer good enough for her.

Meanwhile, Lenny puts off meeting his accountant because he's concerned that Lydia will find out all about his dodgy business affairs.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Dodgy cop Calvin has been treading on thin ice of late and it was only a matter of time before his shady deals were uncovered. Calvin thinks the game was up when Mark catches him taking money from Warren but instead of reading him his rights, Mark enlists his help to raid The Loft.

Meanwhile, Sarah continues to struggle with her sexuality and doesn't know where she stands with Lydia. Taking a gamble, Sarah kisses the platinum-haired student but is concerned when motormouth Michaela witnesses their passionate encounter.

Over at the student halls, Leila is hurt by Elliot's reaction when she admits she wants to be more than friends. On a night in with the girls, Leila talks about her love and her admission strikes a chord with an eavesdropping Elliot.

Home and Away (Five)

Amid the gloom and misery of everyday life in Summer Bay, there's a small shaft of sunlight as Rachel and Tony finally get married.

However, even their ceremony isn't without drama, as Belle's hidden stash of pills is found by Aden. He's immediately furious, but things get worse when she collapses and is rushed to hospital.

Unable to face her, Aden pens a letter to the girl he loves - telling her their romance is over.

Roman is devastated to wake from his coma only to be told he is blind - and it's all in his head to boot. Leah frets about how she'll cope, but her boyfriend doesn't give her the chance and gives her the elbow.

Neighbours (Five)

Zeke returns to Ramsay Street but he's not the vibrant young lad he used to be. In fact, he doesn't even think he's Zeke. Instead, he believes he's Trent, the son of the disturbed Phil Andrews, and he longs to return to what he now regards as home.

Just as the Kennedys despair at ever having their stepson back to normal, help comes from an unlikely source - Callum. Eventually, the truth about what has happened to him finally dawns on Zeke, giving everyone hope for the future.

Ty tries to bring Donna and Ringo back together, while Cass comes up with an unusual scheme in her bid to snare Paul.

EastEnders (BBC1) Phil Mitchell may be an alcoholic with a string of failed marriages behind him but it seems he's still under the impression that he's way too good for Shirley. As a result, he's furious to discover that Heather told Ben he'd spent the night with the barmaid and ends up ranting at her.

Heather locks him in the Arches until he sobers up but manages to get on the wrong side of him again.

He throws her out into the Square, where she has an asthma attack - and a subsequent medical examination reveals some unexpected results.

Tamwar urges Syed to leave Walford for a while to give Masood a chance to calm down but feels betrayed when he later sees his brother with Janine. The locals rally around to give Billy a 50th birthday to remember but he's more concerned about the trial for Jase's murder, while Whitney's date with Todd ends in disaster.

Emmerdale (ITV1)

Andy demands that Victoria stop trying to contact Daz before he pays Scarlett a visit. He persuades her to keep things quiet so he can cover up the scandal before Diane returns.

Aaron tries to apologise to Victoria for telling Andy, but she blames him for Daz leaving and says she wants nothing more to do with him. Debbie grows concerned when he hears that there has been a disturbance at Butler's Farm and worries Andy has returned to his violent ways. The situation quickly deteriorates as the tensions between Debbie and Maisie descend into a brawl but things soon take an unexpected turn when Cain returns to Emmerdale.

He wastes no time in marching up to Butler's Farm with her to see Sarah. However, there's trouble once the Kings hear that Cain is back. Later, Jimmy thinks he's found where Cain stashed the cash.


Heather's health scare
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