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EASTENDERS Shirley shocks the Carters with her solution to their money problems, but Woody has his own ideas about how to drum up business for the pub - male strippers.

That isn't enough to endear him to Tina, who snaps at him following an incident with the jukebox. However, Woody realises she's still grieving for Sylvie and encourages her to open up, with surprising results.

While the Vic hosts its ladies' night, the Albert fights back with a quiz, although even that has the potential to get raucous as Carmel deals with the awkwardness of being on a team with Denise and Kush by getting drunk.

Steven is thrilled when Lauren quits her internship - until she reveals that she did it so she can concentrate on finding a full-time job and not so she can devote herself to him 24 hours a day. As if having a possessive boyfriend wasn't bad enough, Max also starts meddling in Lauren's future.

Elsewhere, Honey is frustrated by new Minute Mart employee Derek, newcomer Fi ruffles feathers and Abi inexplicably decides she wants to move in with her ex-boyfriends Ben and Jay.

HOLLYOAKS Amy's funeral is an emotional affair - and a lot of the tears are generated by her mum Kathy, who accuses Zoe of trying to seduce Ryan and then calls Ste a murderer in earshot of Leah and Lucas.

Ste seems resigned to being branded a killer as he agrees with Tony that it would be kinder to end his relationship with Harry. But then, during what is supposed to be their final conversation, Ste says something that leaves Harry confused about what exactly happened on the night that Amy died. Can he get to the truth before Ste is sentenced? Elsewhere, Sienna and Warren try to dispose of Bart's body the old-fashioned way by wrapping it in a carpet. Unfortunately, Prince has clearly never seen a gangster movie in his life as he jumps to the conclusion they are robbing Sally's flat - and demands a cut of whatever they've stolen.

Adam proposes to Maxine, but scheming Darcy is determined to ruin their happiness, Ellie finds the courage to stand up to Nick and Nancy pins her hopes on stem cell treatment.

POBOL Y CWM Garry tries to ignore Sioned but it becomes clear she wants more from him and she threatens to tell Dani about their night together. Dani follows Sioned's advice by investing in fish for pedicures behind Garry's back.

Josh parks his caravan on Penrhewl land without permission. Cadno politely encourages Josh to move but he refuses. Eifion's methods are extreme but effective!

Is Eileen's secret about to be revealed? Britt finds her locket when she and Colin strip Sam's bed. Meanwhile, Dr Pritchard impresses the women of Cwmderi but Ffion mistakes his kindness for something more.

Read on if you're looking for the latest on Corrie, EastEnders, Pobol and all your other favourite soaps...

EMMERDALE Rhona's wedding day arrives and, despite all the signs that she should be the one running for the hills, it's Pierce who seems to be in danger of coming down with cold feet.

But despite those jitters, the ceremony goes ahead as planned - and the villagers throw themselves into the celebrations at the Woolpack (even Paddy puts on a brave face as he gives his ex his blessing along with his mother's necklace).

Sadly, when the bride and groom leave the party, Pierce finally drops any pretence of being Mr Nice Guy. The newlyweds get into a row, which ends in him pushing Rhona to the floor in a violent attack. She's left in a state of shock, but can she escape her new husband - and will she go to the police about what happened? Elsewhere, Jai decides to take Nell under his wing, although Priya is less impressed with his new protege, and Megan makes a mistake regarding Eliza's safety.

Zak is worried about Belle and Lachlan's friendship, while history threatens to repeat itself as Adam seeks solace with Vanessa after a row with Victoria. Isn't that how the whole 'who's Johnny's daddy?' storyline started? CORONATION STREET Is Amy a chip off the old block? Her mother, Tracy, is no stranger to violent crime, but would her daughter really want to bump off Ken? Tracy clearly thinks her offspring is capable of such things, especially after Amy denies all knowledge of Adam's claim that he turned up at No 1 on the night in question. She's sure Amy is lying and goes in search of incriminating evidence.

Later, Tracy informs Steve that she's taking their daughter away for a surprise holiday - but are they really going on the run before the police come calling? There's trouble brewing for Bethany, too, pictured, who is well and truly under creepy Nathan's spell. He tricks her into spending time with Neil, a move she may live to regret.

Meanwhile, Toyah goes against Peter's wishes by having the embryos planted, Todd is jealous of Billy's ex and Rosie discovers the true identity of Sally's stalker.
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