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EMMERDALE STV, 7pm IT'S the day of the court hearing and everyone is anxious.

After storming out last night, Sam has slept in the van and Rachel wonders if he will show up for her.

And Jai is left on tenterhooks wondering if Megan will arrive to support his case.

Meanwhile, after Jai dumped Leyla, she confronts Megan and they begin flinging insults at each other. Until something takes them by surprise CORONATION STREET STV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm SIMON continues to treat Leanne like a wicked stepmother as his aggressive behaviour ramps up.

She's furious when she catches him trying to sneak off to football practice and tries to block his path. But he grabs her by the hair and when she pushes him away, he falls and cuts his arm. Horrified, Leanne rushes him to the medical centre.

A suspicious Ken invites them over to find out what's going on. Will Leanne come clean? EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm LIFE in Walford isn't exactly a barrel of laughs at the best of times but tonight's episode seems particularly gloomy.

The Lucy murder investigation rumbles on and Jane puts her plan into motion in a desperate bid to keep her family together. But what will Ian say when he learns what she's up to? Meanwhile, Roxy is stunned after finding out about Ronnie's CCTV camera and decides to confront her.

dRaMa RIPPER STREET BBC1, 9pm MORE Friday night misery from the streets of Whitechapel - but this dark period drama has us hooked.

After last week's shocker when Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) beat to death his daughter's abductor and then made a run for it, he's still missing.

Drake (Jerome Flynn) is asked by the chief inspector to take over as boss of H Division but he's not that keen.

In the meantime, another east London resident duly drops dead as they tend to do at the beginning of every episode.

This time it's clairvoyant Alexander Le Cheyne who promptly chokes and collapses halfway through a spooky spiritual reading.

"He never saw it coming," quips Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) as he arrives on the scene.

But there are more questions to answer when Drake and Jackson meet one of Le Cheyne's clients, a widow grieving for her husband who died in the recent crash.

Little does she know he's alive and central to a devious plot.

Meanwhile, Capshaw is nervous and convinces Susan to stick Mathilda on a boat to Europe before Reid finds out about their lies. But the clever girl does a runner DOCUMENTARY WHITNEY & BOBBY: ADDICTED TO LOVE C5, 9pm BEGINNING with the opening strains of I Will Always Love You, this docudrama plays out the life and untimely death of superstar Whitney Houston and her toxic relationship with husband Bobby Brown.

With a string of chart-topping records during the 80s, followed by roles in hit movies such as The Bodyguard, Whitney was one of the biggest stars.

"She just had it," says her producer Jermaine Jackson. "She was the songbird."

But by the late 90s, there were rumours of drug use and after enduring a turbulent relationship, she and Bobby split in 2006. On February 11, 2012, Whitney was found dead in a bath in a Los Angeles hotel room aged just 48.

A typical Channel 5-style shock documentary, this two-hour film promises the inside story on the couple and their fall from grace.

And despite the ridiculous reconstructed scenes, there are some interesting interviews with friends and colleagues.

These are now even more poignant given that Whitney and Bobby's daughter Bobbi Kristina died aged 22 last month after she was found unresponsive in a bath in January.

And Whitney's friend Donnie Simpson adds: "I don't know one celebrity who doesn't at some point just want to disappear."

Like herding...goats MOUNTAIN GOATS BBC1, 10.35pm A BUNCH of misfits who are rather worryingly in charge of rescuing people from mountains are at the heart of this sitcom set in the Highlands.

Branded "kilt-wearing maniacs", the ragtag team of mountain rescue volunteers spend most of their time in The Old Goat pub - when they are not being heroic, obviously. Although brand new, the comedy feels like an old classic - packed with slapstick humour, sexual innuendo, one-liners and good old-fashioned canned laughter in the background.

The pub regulars are Jimmy ( Jimmy Chisholm), said to have a "glint of mischief in his bloodshot eyes", the wild and mysterious Bill (David Ireland), Bernie (Kathryn Howden), who tries to keep them on the straight and narrow, and handsome Conor (Kevin Mains), the naive new boy.

And presiding over it all is the landlady of the pub Jules (Sharon Rooney, fresh from My Mad Fat Diary), who does not suffer fools gladly. A shame, since they are all fools.

"A pint of your world-renowned lukewarm dishwater please," announces Jimmy, mocking Jules for the "bags for life" under her eyes.

"Your red boozy face looks like an unstruck match," she retorts.

In this opening episode, Jules is worried about strange goings-in the pub late at night, so it doesn't help when she finds Jimmy hiding in her fridge. Turns out he has accidentally burned down his house and has nowhere to live.

But no one is interested in putting him up, leaving him to go camping with just his teddy bear for company.

Meanwhile, Conor is mortified when his mum Norma (Doon Mackichan) turns up to check that he's wearing clean underpants.

on And that's before she finds out what he's been looking at on his laptop


coURT Sam and Rachel

SPOOKY Clairvoyant should have seen death coming

RocKy Whitney and Bobby

RESCUE TEAM The motley crew
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