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CORONATION STREET ? WHEN Tyrone accidentally scalds himself, Tommy thinks Kirsty is to blame and gives her a piece of his mind.

Ty is fuming that Tina betrayed his secret, while Tommy dares Kirsty to claim that she hasn't been abusive towards Ty. As tempers boil over, Tommy tells everyone in the Rovers how Kirsty has been beating up her partner, and Tyrone counters by revealing that Tommy was using the garage to transport drugs.

Elsewhere, Ryan sells gig tickets Steve bought for him and Sophie so he can buy drugs. Michelle is furious when she finds out, and far from happy when she then discovers her adoptive son in a state.

Steve feels threatened when he hears Rob is taking Michelle out for dinner, but he needn't worry; it seems Rob only has eyes for the Price ladies, and after apologising to Eva for splitting with her, invites her out for lunch - and then asks Stella to come too.

Elsewhere, Karl turns into Del Trotter with a get-rich-quick scheme selling smoke detectors, and Jason is unimpressed with Maria's bank holiday DVD-night idea emmerdaLe ? GIRLFRIENDS and wives could come and go, but Marlon and Paddy always had each other - until now.

Their friendship all but evaporates as they head to court to discuss Leo's custody, especially after Paddy and Rhona are ordered to stay in the country until the follow-up hearing in six weeks.

Feeling bitter about having his dreams dashed, Paddy announces in the middle of the Woolpack that Marlon and Laurel are a couple.

As a heartbroken Ashley tries to come to terms with the revelation, the vet thinks maybe he has gone too far - until Rhona points out that if they just ignored the court and went to New Zealand anyway, who exactly is going to drag them home? Over at Kings Haulage, Jimmy feels increasingly sidelined, and even Carl wonders if Charity has gone too far when he sees her attempt at re-branding.

Nkhil is not impressed to catch Priya and David together, despite his friend insisting his marriage is a sham, Alex feels torn between Moira and Victoria, and Gennie tires of living chez Sharma.

EASTENDERS ? IT'S a busy week for Derek Branning as Anthony sets out to prove to Joey that he's worthy of the fair Alice by challenging her dad to a high-stakes poker game.

Unfortunately, it quickly becomes clear Anthony is out of his depth as he ends up wagering the keys to the Moon Emporium, forcing him to make a big decision about his future when he then loses.

As if putting his daughter's suitor out of business wasn't enough, Derek also manages to start a brawl in the Vic after SoaP accusing the pub's star striker Ray of playing badly on purpose.

TaLK In the ensuing chaos, Kat's mystery lover is hurt, and as she tends his wounds she starts to wonder if this is more than just a fling. Abi comes home to some shocking news about Jay, while Shirley tries to drown her sorrows. Masood's brother AJ returns, a paranoid Janine becomes convinced Michael is having an affair, and little Dennis makes Sharon see that it might be time to put down some roots in Walford.

HOLLYOAKS ? DODGER may parade around the village as a confident Jack-the-lad, without a care in the world, but the truth is a world away from that persona.

Underneath it all is bubbling anger about his real father, and Dirk, trying to play happy families, is about to bear the brunt of it.

Later in the week, with searches to find his real dad proving fruitless, Dodger decides to drown his sorrows. Somebody should remind him that rarely has a Hollyoaks resident found answers at the bottom of a bottle.

Meanwhile, the Kanes' relationships are tested, with Callum trying to bring his sister and mother together, but as Lacey celebrates her 16th birthday, will Martha be able to resist the booze? When Ash gets involved and confronts Martha, it has far-reaching consequences for the family...

Theresa gets a tempting offer to bring in some cash, much to Joel's disapproval, while newly engaged Mercedes continues to take advantage of Riley, and the McQueens try to get through to Myra.

NEIGHBOURS ? LUCAS considers buying the Williams family's old house for Vanessa, but she's not keen on moving in with him, so he asks Rhys to find out why.

Meanwhile, Ed publicly embarrasses Tash, so it looks like their romance is over.

Later, a casino offers to buy the rights to the Odds On app. Feeling Ed wouldn't approve, Tash turns the offer down, but Andrew considers betraying his mates when the firm doubles its bid. However, it transpires he can't do anything without Tash's approval.

Sonya is far from happy that Toadie's plans for the birth do not take her wishes into account, so he lets her have more control over the arrangements. However, insecurity strikes for the legal eagle when she chooses Alex, an attractive man, to help deliver the baby.

When Kyle falls ill, Jade tries to reach out to him. Later, when a client asks her out, she turns them down by text, but her message doesn't get through and she reveals how she really feels about Kyle.


ALL BETS OFF: Villainous Derek Branning shows no mercy to young Anthony Moon
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Aug 26, 2012
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