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CORONATION STREET * THERE'S bad news and more bad news as a couple of faces from the past return to Weatherfield.

TALK Although Betty's son Gordon Clegg is welcomed back for the first time since 1995, he announces that his mother has died, and decides to hold her funeral in Weatherfield instead of London.

There's another shock in store as Rita and Emily sort through the veteran hot-pot barmaid's belongings, and discover a note from previous pub landlady Annie Walker, which could affect the Rovers' fate.

Meanwhile, Tommy gets into a fight with a stranger, unaware that it's his scheming dad, Terry. Tommy wants to see the best in him, but Tyrone knows him of old and soon fills in a few blanks.

Of course the minute Duckworth Snr hears about his son's inheritance and trip with Tina, he slips into remorseful father mode, before using the tension between Tina and Kirsty as a means to stir up a fight between Tommy and Ty.

EMMERDALE * MOST viewers were shocked when Ashley started mistreating Sandy, so just imagine how Laurel is going to feel when she finally discovers the terrible truth this week.

She starts to realise how bad things have got after Gabby lets slip that Ashley pushed his dad over, and turns to Sandy for answers. When he won't open up to her, she asks Rachel why she phoned social services, and is forced to admit that the cleaner's version of events does make sense.

Meanwhile, Ashley realises his wife is getting suspicious and takes his fears out on Sandy, hitting his vulnerable dad just as Laurel walks in. Is this the end for the Thomas family? Ali desperately tries to cover when her illiteracy leads to a disastrous mistake at the factory, and Nicola is furious to learn that Kelly has jetted off to America with her new boyfriend, leaving Jimmy to look after Elliot.

EASTENDERS * BIANCA and Roxy have both got fiery tempers, so the fact that they have a fight in The Vic this week over Shenice wouldn't normally be considered gossip.

Ah, but that's before Alfie steps in to defend the blonde barmaid, and Roxy shoots him such an adoring glance that Derek quickly realises how she feels about him.

Naturally, he tries to turn the situation to his advantage by recruiting Alfie for a job, and then letting Roxy think he is in serious trouble. The landlord can't understand why she's been so worried about him until Roxy admits she's fallen for him.

But does he feel the same way about her? Elsewhere, as Shirley starts her own investigation into Hev's murder, Ben convinces Phil that they need to kick her out of the Mitchell fold before she stumbles upon the truth.

HOME & AWA* THE love lives of the Bay residents become ever-more entangled this week, as Roo forces Leah to admit that her bedside care for Brax is coming out of her romantic feelings for him.

However, Roo's practising a dose of denial of her own. She pretends the kiss with Harvey never happened, but while he makes his feelings clear, she insists that what she'd really like is more time.

Heath endangers, but then saves the life of, Bianca. She's grateful, but Liam's furious that the River Boy could have harmed his wife and the baby, especially when there's a minor scare with the tot.

HOLLYOAKS * THE pair of them hadn't had it easy over the last few months, but George and Phoebe had begun to deal with their demons.

Phoebe is desperate to get her best pal back this week, so when George worries about his presentation at college, she thinks she's devised the perfect plan to buy him some more time - but it sees the college go up in flames.

Meanwhile, Tilly quickly comes to learn just how the course of true love never runs smoothly in Hollyoaks, when she works out who Jen really is. She won't have too long to mull it over because she gets trapped in a cupboard in the college, with the fire closing in...

NEIGHBOURS * EMILIA suggests she and Michael come clean to Lucas about their history, and Tash is embarrassed when she makes a fashion blunder at university.

In a bid to build bridges, Tash decides to cook dinner for Michael and Emilia, but the evening ends on a sour note as she makes a discovery that reveals the truth about their past - and what actually happened on the day her mum died.

Although Michael is desperate to talk to his daughter after discovering the remains of the Sandman, he fears Tash will never forgive him.


DUCK! Terry and Tommy in a brawl.
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