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EASTENDERS * AS Heather's funeral approaches, Phil tries to ease some of the pressure on Ben and Jay by telling Shirley she's going to have to hand George over to his dad - but it still feels like the net is closing in.

Jay is struggling to keep it together, while Ben manages to make himself look even more unhinged during an interview with the Crown Prosecution Service's psychiatrist.

However, it's Shirley who poses the biggest threat to the Mitchell lads as, despite trying to keep Dot and Andrew away from the service, she later finds evidence that appears to exonerate Hev's fianc, and she works out what the murder weapon must have been.

With the police apparently poised to make another arrest, has Shirley put Ben in the frame? Meanwhile, Michael appears to have had a change of heart about the pre-nup, Derek shows Bianca an underhand way to save 100 per cent on her energy bills, and Ian keeps Mandy in the dark about his plan to buy the caf.

CORONATION STREET * THE future of the Rovers' ownership looks dubious thanks to Karl's gambling. Stella finds he's been in the bookies again, so tells him to pack his bags.

He finds comfort in Sunita's arms, but they nearly get caught when Stella has second thoughts and calls round.

Later, Sunita decides to give up her pub job in a bid to avoid Karl.

Meanwhile, Peter's efforts to build bridges with Leanne collapse when Simon eavesdrops on her calling Carla a black widow, so the bookie confronts his ex about her slur, and then bans her from seeing Si.

Thanks to cash from Geoff's will, Tommy pulls out all the stops as he romances Tina, even pondering a round-the-world trip. It's just a shame his old banger breaks down on the way to a romantic country lunch with Ms McIntyre.

Elsewhere, David's new job at a posh salon in town makes his life a misery as he's treated like a dogsbody. Luckily, Kylie hatches a plan to show off his skills, while Audrey uses Mary's camper van as a makeshift salon.

EMMERDALE * CHAS tells Cameron to forget everything she said last week about having feelings for him but then rather ruins the effect by practically turning green when she sees him comforting Debbie.

Cameron is also struggling to hide his jealousy when he realises Chas has gained an admirer named Luke, and it isn't long TALK before the pair finally give into their feelings in the romantic confines of the Woolpack's barrel store.

Afterwards, Chas is stricken with guilt and insists it won't happen again - but can she and Cameron really fight their attraction? Meanwhile, Zak collapses, and the doctor diagnoses a panic attack brought on by depression or stress - but that's not quite what the Dingle patriarch tells Lisa when he discharges himself from hospital.

Ashley catches Sandy in the act of reporting him to social services, and insists the pensioner has to convince Laurel that he wants to go into a home.

HOME & AWA* THE Walkers remain in turmoil this week, as Sid's job offer hangs over the kids' heads like a black cloud. However, there seems to be a silver lining when Sid saves Alan Henderson's life and Sasha hopes this means an end to her bullying at school.

Gina's not convinced, though, and attempts to get the teen to open up about who exactly it is who's taunting her.

Sasha remains as tight-lipped as ever, even after an attack on the beach, Sid confides in Marilyn that he'd love to take the job and thinks a relocation is the best decision all round.

NEIGHBOURS * LUCAS believes he is the reason Emilia is staying in Erinsborough, not realising she and Michael are an item. However, when the penny finally drops, Chris tries to prevent him from doing something he might regret.

Summer hopes she can prove herself to Paul by using her online media skills to boost sales of the newspaper, despite the fact he disapproves of her methods.

Paul also attempts to form an alliance with Ajay, but the politician is unsure what he stands to gain and has his own plans.

Has Paul underestimated him? HOLLYOAKS * ALL the youngsters of Hollyoaks want to be on Brendan's good side.

It's such a shame that most of them learn the hard way that it's a tough slog to get there - and now Joel looks set to make the same mistakes as many have before him.

He becomes determined to prove his worth to Brendan but when the Irishman sets him a task, it seems he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Meanwhile, on the road to recovery, Ash leaves hospital and heads home, showing Barney just how important family is and prompting him to make a trip to London to visit Scott. However, after the initial elation at seeing each other fades, there are a few revelations ready to surface...
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Apr 8, 2012
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