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CORONATION STREET FRANK Foster has made so many enemies over the past 12 months, it's hardly surprising that many of the locals have it in for him.It doesn't help that he and new lover Jenny try to fleece Carla out of her share in Underworld.

To make matters worse, he also ensures that Leanne knows about Peter's drinking, and when she finds her ex and Carla boozed up in Simon's company. It's little wonder the estranged wife wants custody of her stepson.

TALK Later, when Sean and Julie spot the lights on at Underworld, they decide to confront Frank, but are horrified to find Sally kneeling over his body with blood on her hands.

Elsewhere, Rita is heartbroken as Dennis prepares to leave, but then they come to an arrangement which will affect all their friends.

The Rovers' new TV causes problems for some of the regulars, namely Ken, who can't get a decent reception on his own set, and Karl and Sunita have a good time at the casino, but decide not to mention it to their partners.

Meanwhile, Lesley's Alzheimer's has devastating effects for Eileen, Paul, Sean and Marcus.

EMMERDALE * THE whole John Barton business should have taught Chas that there's a downside to catching a man on the rebound, but she still finds herself getting dangerously close to Cameron.

Although they both try to laugh it off when Megan mistakes them for a couple, they later share a kiss, which makes for a very strained atmosphere in the Woolpack.

Given the situation, Chas is quite relieved that Cameron is planning to leave at the end of the week, but an oblivious Charity is encouraging Debbie to fight for her man.

As Debbie waits for the test results to find out if her baby is a match for Sarah, will Cameron forget his dalliance with Chas and stay to support her? Elsewhere, Aaron and Ed's first date becomes awkward as the conversation turns to Jackson, while Lisa is concerned when Zak lasts just one day in his job at Home Farm.

Holly struggles to be strong for Moira, Pollard discovers Val has emptied the joint account, and Nicola's plan to make Jimmy feel desirable backfires.

EASTENDERS * YUSEF continues to haunt the Masoods as Zainab decides she can't keep his 'cursed' money.

Masood thinks Tamwar and Afia should get the final say over the cash, but the young couple are still finding it hard to talk to each other, let alone make such a big decision.

Convinced that his wife is repelled by his scars, Tamwar even considers leaving Walford, which prompts Zainab to make a big confession about her part in his accident.

As she waits to find out what impact this latest bombshell will have on her family, she finds comfort from a most unexpected source: Christian.

Meanwhile, Amira is forced to accept that she's never going to win Syed back, and Kim hopes that some of the Masoods' windfall will blow in her direction.

Lorraine proves to be so vile that even Bianca and Lucy feel sorry for Mandy, but Ian has a harder time seeing through his future mother-in-law.

Max and Tanya try to deal with Lauren's drinking, while Shirley and Andrew compete, quite literally, for Heather's attention.

HOME & AWA* THAT might be the sound of wedding bells that the Bay residents can hear, but of course that doesn't mean Bianca and Liam's big day is going to go without a hitch. Far from it.

The media have found out about former rocker Liam's upcoming nuptials and are determined to get a story.

And as Bianca tries to escape the paparazzi she's forced to get a lift with Heath. That's bad enough, but then the River Boy gets a flat tyre, and the groom is left at the altar.

Meanwhile, Romeo notices Dennis moving something very suspicious indeed and it's later confirmed that there's a dead body at the Caravan Park.

HOLLYOAKS * HE might look like the same old Riley, but a break away from the village has certainly toughened him up - and he's not taking any prisoners.

With the footballer's threat to sell the pub still ringing in Darren's ears, his worries are only added to when Nancy drops a bombshell of her own and the pair are faced with a pregnancy test.

Meanwhile, George can't believe his luck when Phoebe puts in an appearance, but it's short-lived and the pair wind up in even more trouble when she leads him straight into the clutches of Deena.

NEIGHBOURS * KATE loses her phone and discovers that a roguish stranger called Dominic has picked it up.

He arranges to return it to her but, as they spend more time together, she becomes fascinated by his mischievous personality.

When she leaves Erinsborough without telling anyone when she'll return, Sophie is gutted, because she needs her consent to help out with Andrew's music video.

Kate's departure also has problems for Paul because of a surprise visit from Roz of the Department of Human Services. He is given seven days to produce Kate or risk Sophie being placed into foster care.

Queensland is his only lead, but can he find her in time?


WHODUNNNIT: Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh), Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), Carla Connor (Alison King), Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) and Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) are set to find themselves under suspicion for the murder of factory boss Frank Foster.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 4, 2012
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