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CORONATION STREET OSOAP H John, we've been here before, haven't we? TALK And it really didn't end well the last time you kidnapped Rosie, did it? That was when you went to prison and the whole 'killing people' thing started.

But this time, he's determined not to go back to jail - and to save wife Fiz from being locked up too. He's been on the run since leaping from a hospital roof and miraculously surviving, but the bearded ex-teacher returns just as Fiz's murder trial begins. He's not going to dramatically rush into the courtroom and say he did it, though. Instead he wants Rosie to do that.

The demented man hasn't really thought his plan through, but if in doubt, tie up Rosie and hold her hostage. Then he tries to drill into her all the information she will need to go to court, explain how John did away with Charlotte, Colin and Joy, and get Fiz off the hook.

But Kevin and Jason notice Rosie is missing and break into Jason's flat. John races off in his car and crashes, which doesn't exactly help Fiz's case.

Meanwhile, Chris is told that his brain tumour has shrunk and he'll make a full recovery. But he still pretends to Cheryl that he's about to die, so that she won't fight him off when he moves in for a kiss.

SEXPERIMENT: Ben tries with Also, Sophie feels so guilty about her snog with Amber that when Sian returns from Malta, she proposes! Kevin and Sally aren't so keen, though, and refuse to give their permission.

EASTENDERS * HANG on a minute, aren't you gay, Ben? What was the point of going through all the heartache of coming out if you're going to sleep with Lola? She clearly wants to work her way through the menfolk of the Square and won't let a little thing like homosexuality stop her. So when he admits he's never slept with a girl, she says he can't be sure of his sexuality until he has - and she's a willing guinea pig in his sexperiment.

Which only proves that he's definitely gay.

But at least Lola agrees to be his friend, if he really wants a friend like her...

Also snogging are Pat and Norman, though their romance fizzles out sharpish when she realises he has only persuaded her to take out a loan, to help out son Simon, because he gets commission.

Yusef is being as manipulative as ever, convincing Christian to get a secret DNA test done on Amira's baby as she might not be Syed's. Christian is already angry, after Ben lies and says he saw Syed and Amira kissing. A blazing row ends with Christian giving Syed an ultimatum - he must choose between him and his daughter.

Janine is furious when the launch of her latest business, a property management company called Butcher's Joints, is a flop. When is she going to realise that no-one likes her and money can't buy her friends? Maybe when she gets no cards on her birthday.

EMMERDALE * THEY say that everyone loves a bad boy, and they don't get much worse than Cain Dingle. Not content with getting teenagers pregnant, he works his dubious charms on Moira. When he winds her up, she slaps him, but another row ends with them kissing - and more.

Ali's son Sean is turning out to be a real teenage tearaway, though he gets support from a surprising source in Aaron.

Sandy is understandably hurt when Ashley suggests his father go into a home, while Sarah may have a bone marrow donor.

HOME & AWA* NEVER, ever leave Summer Bay.

Haven't they learned that basic rule yet? Because any trips away always end in disaster.

sleeping Lola. Especially if you're silly enough to plan a boat trip as a storm approaches. Harry and Roo are on board the sinking vessel - will they survive? The storm also wreaks havoc back on land, as Bianca and Heath are trapped and Charlie is called out to a fatal car accident.

HOLLYOAKS * SILAS tells Lynsey she has one chance to guess the identity of his next victim. If she's right, he'll turn himself in. If she's wrong, both she and the girl will be killed.

As there's not exactly an independent adjudicator in this challenge, or any hope of Silas keeping to his word, she'd be very foolish to take part. But she still goes along with it, following his clues, then announces at a Fright Night Halloween party that a murderer is on the loose. You'd think they'd spot Silas though, as he's dressed as the Grim Reaper...

NEIGHBOURS * SONYA is almost deafened by the ticking of her biological clock and stops taking the pill, despite Toadie saying they can't afford a baby yet.

Sophie is fed up of being seen as innocent and gets her nose pierced. That'll work!

DOCTORS * JULIA is shocked when her son Patrick has a car crash. He's fine, but also in the car was a women, who isn't his wife. He's been having an affair.

Also, Elaine helps herself to sleeping pills and Heston is charmed by a health visitor.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 23, 2011
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