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EASTENDERS IT'S all happening for the Moon family this week, as one of the brothers fights for his life - and we're introduced to yet another. Poor Whitney has surely been through enough recently. But here she is at the hospital bedside of Tyler, who's been knocked out in a boxing match and badly injured.

It's all the fault of mad, scheming Michael, who arranges a fight for his brother with an opponent who's far superior, thinking it will punish his hated dad Eddie if Tyler gets hurt. He also 'forgets' to book a ringside doctor.

Tyler is determined to impress Whitney and somehow manages to win the bout, only to collapse afterwards and be rushed to hospital with bleeding from the brain.

Eddie is distraught but realises he has to tell Michael the truth before he tries to kill more people. He explains how his mother, who Michael thinks was driven to kill herself by Eddie, was not the saint Michael believes. And then he drops a bombshell, by taking Michael to a care home and introducing him to his brother Craig, who has Down's syndrome.

Vanessa, meanwhile, is forced to go through with Michael's plan to break Eddie's heart. When she gets cold feet, Michael threatens her by saying Jodie won't get her wedding if she doesn't co-operate.

KISSING and Carl Darren is worried too about the cost of the wedding and stupidly steals from the car lot to pay for suits. When Jack finds out, he tells Jodie who calls off the nuptials yet again. Of course she doesn't mean it, but the big day might really be off when Darren spots her comforting Anthony at the hospital and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

He gets drunk and snogs Lauren - oops!

EMMERDALE * ANDY has cancelled his move to Spain with Alicia now daughter Sarah is ill. But Alicia won't stop whining about it, which annoys him. So when she asks if he cares about her, he suggests she finds herself a new bloke.

She's upset but defiantly goes about doing just that - and wastes no time in flirting with Carl. Andy is put out to see her kissing him outside the pub.

Aaron has been self-harming and manages to really hurt himself. He hits his punchbag until his hands bleed and cuts himself with a knife. The extent of his problem comes to light when Sean steals the garage cash tin and Aaron chases him, only to keel over. He says he's just tired and SOAP everyone accepts his explanation, for now.

TALK Nikhil is put out when Nicky admits to fancying Gennie. Declan refuses to help John out of a financial hole and Laurel tries to avoid Marlon.

CORONATION STREET * STEVE has a blazing row with Tracy, which prompts her to arrange an abortion. A desperate Deirdre tells a shocked Steve that she is pregnant, which does indeed stir him into action - instead of meeting Becky for a mediation meeting, he dashes to the clinic to stop Tracy.

He then offers her the flat above Streetcars, just as Lloyd does the same to Becky. Becky can't understand why Steve would want to side with wicked witch Tracy - until he drops the bombshell that she is having his baby, the one thing Becky can't give him. She's devastated, but she's not one to give up without a fight, so she throws Tracy out of the flat!

Carla is grateful when Frank takes the rap in court for knocking over Stella, but is it good to be in his debt? He's rushing her into marriage and then announces he's bought them a big house in Cheshire.

He's angry when she doesn't sign the mortgage forms and she starts to wonder about calling the whole thing off.

HOME & AWAY KING: Alicia lock lips.

* CHARLIE arrests Heath and Jake after the drugs raid, but by the end of the week it's her boyfriend Brax who's in handcuffs after a tip-off that he's the head of the gang. When he can't deny he's involved in drug-running, Charlie dumps him.

HOLLYOAKS * LYNSEY knows that Silas is a killer, yet she foolishly meets him in the woods in the hope of getting him to confess in front of Nancy. But Silas is one step ahead of her - will Lynsey survive the encounter? NEIGHBOURS * SUMMER and Andrew throw Tash a leaving party and sneak into Toadie's pool. But Jade catches them and rows with Tash, who slips and bangs her head. She's rushed to hospital but then starts suffering from flashbacks, much to Michael's terror. What's he afraid of? DOCTORS * CHERRY is upset when Eva returns, as she thinks she'll get back with Jimmy. And they do kiss... Plus, look out for Brian Blessed as a food critic.


KISSING KING: Alicia and Carl lock lips.
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Date:Sep 11, 2011
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