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Byline: ROZ LAWS

CORONATION STREET WELL, that didn't stay a secret for long, did it? At least we didn't have to wait nearly a year for a mother and daughter to be reunited, only for the girl to die - yes, I'm looking at you, Ronnie and Danielle in EastEnders. BY ROZ In Corrie they're quicker of the mark. Stella has only just arrived on the Street but on Thursday we learn that she is Leanne's longlost mum - and by Friday Leanne finds out too!

The truth beings to emerge when Stella and Karl go round to dinner at Peter and Leanne's and the bar manager can't resist stealing a photo of her daughter from her hosts' kitchen.

Later, Stella is keen to help Peter throw a 30th birthday party for Leanne in the Rovers. But when she leaves her purse behind, he finds the picture of his wife.

Stella admits everything, although you can understand why she'd want to keep quiet about the fact she once had a fling with Les Battersby.

Peter agrees not to tell Leanne yet and spoil her birthday, but she overhears the pair talking at her party.

Karl is staggered as he realises why Stella was so desperate to move to Weatherfield, Eva calls her mum a bitch and gets a slap, and Peter's in the dog house for keeping the secret.

But will Leanne and Stella ever be able to bond? The Rovers is also the venue for Jason Grimshaw's birthday party. Becky lays on a stripper (classy!), much to Ken's embarrassment, but when Chris and Frank have a row, it escalates into a full-scale brawl. Just as Steve gets back from visiting Andy, a chair comes flying through the pub window. He orders everyone out, including Becky, but when she won't budge he offers her cash to leave.

EASTENDERS * JUST how many more Moons are there? Yet another one arrives in the Square this week in the rather fit shape of Tyler, Eddie's youngest son.

He's clearly going to be trouble, as he's only been in the Vic five minutes before a jug of creamy cocktail is poured all over him.

He's managed to three-time a family of sisters, two of whom march into the pub to get their revenge. One slaps him while the other pours the drink over his head, saying "This is from our little sister".

Still, that doesn't stop Tyler from chatting up Jodie and Whitney. Michael's not happy to see his brother but at least his dad Eddie is.

LAWS Michael is too busy obsessing over Ronnie, paying for a QC for her trial, then staring at her as she sleeps and going through her things. Creepy! Max and Tanya are almost discovered by Greg when he walks in on them in the romantic location of the car lot, but Tanya just manages to hide under the desk.

Afia and Tamwar get married yet again, this time making it official in a register office ceremony attended only by Syed and Christian.

Janine gets evicted from her flat - shame! - while Shirley sets up Rainie to take crack again. Oh, and look out for the return of Jodie's amusingly ditzy friend Poppy. Walford needs all the humour it can get these days.

EMMERDALE * WHEN Declan sacks Adam, Ella complains so vociferously that he suspects something is up - and guesses they've been having a fling. He throws his wife out of Home Farm and won't let her see Mia.

Chas confesses to the girls that she cheated on Nikhil with Carl, prompting Gennie to blurt out that he'd be much better off with her. Chas eventually comes to the same conclusion and dumps Nikhil - but poor Gennie is knocked back when she bravely tells him how she feels.

Amy tries to get Alex to cheat on Victoria and Andy and Alicia consider moving to Spain.

HOME & AWA* MARILYN has kidnapped baby George and is heading for the airport, but doesn't get too far.

Gina pushes herself too hard at work and breaks down in tears. Brax and Heath offer Romeo a lot of money to get a boat so they can shift their drugs - will he be tempted? HOLLYOAKS * MERCEDES is forced into having a scan and even simple Riley can spot that there's no baby there. How will she talk her way out of this one? Plus, Amy is arrested for pushing Leanne down the stairs and Lynsey and Cheryl get a hunky new doctor flatmate.

NEIGHBOURS * CALLUM spots his parents sharing a tender moment and tells a shocked Toadie. But is Troy the right man for Sonya? Not if his nasty behaviour at Harold's stag party is anyting to go by.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2011
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