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SOAP TALK innocent.

CORONATION STREET OH Tyrone, what are you doing! I know she's carrying your baby, but that's still no reason to take violent Kirsty back. At least not before she gets help with her issues.

It starts when Tommy finds out that Kirsty will be on the maternity ward and rushes to the hospital to convince her to come home, telling her how lost Ty is without her.

It works, but when she walks into the Rovers, she is furious to find her fianc getting cosy with another girl. Tyrone is actually only doing Dev a favour - he's trying to make Sunita jealous by going on a hot date, and asks Ty to keep her mate occupied.

But Kirsty storms out, leaving Tyrone to chase after her.

When Tina finds out what her boyfriend has done, she berates him for meddling, telling him what Kirsty is really like. Which is why they are so surprised when they go out into the street and find the reunited couple kissing. It'll end in yet more tears.

Get ready for more histrionics and drama from Eva, as another man breaks her heart.

TRUE Chas Smurf She hasn't been very lucky with blokes on the Street since she moved in, and now Rob is the latest man to ditch her. The reason is rather humiliating - he fancies her mum!

Michelle is furious when Ryan appears to befriend Tracy - they are well suited, but if there's anyone likely to lead him further astray, its Tracy.

Owen has a change of heart about the surrogacy plan, announcing he's going to support his daughters in their barmy plan.

EMMERDALE DAN is so smitten with Chas that he'll do whatever it takes to impress her - even running the village's 10k race dressed as a Smurf. And it works, as a kiss from her at the finishing line stops him feeling blue and turns Cameron a distinct shade of green.

He then tells Chas that he wants to be with her after all. She responds by kicking him where it hurts and insisting he go back to Debbie. She then proposes to Dan! As they've only been dating a week, he would be mad to accept her proposal.

Elsewhere, Rachel is mortified when news of her pregnancy gets out, and accepts Jai's offer to move her to Leeds, away from all the speculation about the father.

Megan convinces Zak to fight for his marriage, but doesn't do such a good job of persuading Declan to give Robbie yet another chance, and Amy warns Kerry not to mess things up for Val and Pollard.

EASTENDERS THE fallout from Heather's murder continues -and it's poor Jay who is bearing the brunt of it.

When he refuses to tell the police the truth - that Ben is innocent - Phil strips him of his honorary Mitchell status and throws him out, while Billy won't take him in for Lola and Lexi's sake.

Feelings are running so high, some of the locals even turn on Patrick when he offers the homeless lad a place to stay.

Meanwhile, with his relationship with Shirley seemingly beyond saving, Phil focuses on saving Ben from a prison sentence, pressuring Ian to talk the troubled teen into changing his statement.

Sharon settles back into the Square as she gets a job managing R&R and brushes off Jack's advances. Alfie takes Fat Boy under his wing, and Janine is still suspicious of Michael.

And a game of spin the bottle has unexpected consequences for Walford's youth contingent, as Lucy reacts badly to Joey and Whitney's smooch, and Anthony discovers he rather enjoys kissing Alice.

HOLLYOAKS HISTORY repeats itself for Mercedes this week when she's kidnapped, again. Only in soapland, eh? Though considering the way she winds people up, it's perhaps not that surprising.

Meanwhile, Mitzeee's troubles intensify in prison, and she says goodbye to Riley. Leanne is determined to stop Texas from leaving, and Brendan, Joel and Cheryl begin to build bridges as they unite in their grief for Lynsey.

NEIGHBOURS AJAY suffers a crushing blow on election day and incurs the wrath of Priya. Ed and Tash grow closer as they race to fix a problem with their software, and Rhys ponders his future with Vanessa when he's offered a job in Japan.

DOCTORS ZARA goads Cherry until she explodes and reveals her guilty secret - that she slept with Daniel. Zara pretends not to care but is devastated. Will she tell Jimmi? And when Daniel finds out, he takes it out on baby Joe. Plus, a new doctor, Jas, joins The Mill.

HOME & Away will return on September 3.

TRUE BLUE: Chas kisses Smurf Dan.


REUNITED: Tyrone and Kirsty kiss and make up yet again.
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Date:Aug 19, 2012
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