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EastEnders BBC One Jane's normally level head takes a serious turn for the worse when she's confronted with a pregnant Lucy.

Not only does she think adopting the unborn baby is a good idea, she's also convinced Ian will give the scheme his blessing.

As most viewers will have predicted, the chip shop magnate initially takes the news very badly indeed.

Coronation Street ITV1 A furious Peter boils over when George tells him he is keeping hold of Simon until he thinks the bookie is fit to look after him.

The tycoon is awarded temporary charge of his grandson while he applies for permanent custody. However, during a trip to Blackpool, the lad runs off, so Peter races to the seaside resort to find his son.

Nick returns to Weatherfield to support his mum, but the police aren't the only ones doubting Gail's honesty.

Emmerdale ITV1 Aaron suffers a bit of a breakdown after Holly dumps him again.

He is filled with anguish as he realises he needs her to help him hide from the truth about his sexuality. Eli tries to lift his spirits with a night out but Aaron ends up picking fights.

Debbie is so frustrated by Cain and Charity's bickering, she phones Natasha to ask about her contact in Dubai.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 6, 2010
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