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Is Cam really the best man?



A couple of weeks ago, Cameron was on the verge of running away with Chas. This week he proposes to Debbie - clearly when it comes to matters of the heart, he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

Debbie accepts, leaving Chas heartbroken. And to add insult to injury, Cam describes her as bitter and desperate to her face. Nice.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that Rachel is pregnant - we saw that coming a mile away.

The shock, however, is that after she announces she's having an abortion, Jai begs her to keep the baby.

Goodness only knows how Charity will react to the news, but we wouldn't want to be in Jai's shoes when she finds out.

After disgracing himself for the umpteenth time, Robbie tells Megan he's turning over a new leaf, while Nicola and Jimmy decide to fight Kelly for custody of Elliot.


Anne Hathaway be came an Emmerdale fan by watching episodes in an attempt to brush up her accent ahead of playing a Yorkshire lass in the film One Day.

Rumour has it that Corrie's Katy Armstrong will offer to carry a baby for her disabled sister Izzy later in the year - which makes us wonder whether Izzy's current pregnancy will end in tragedy.

Billy's Olympic torch run



You can run but you can't hide from the Olympics - and rightly so, because it begins on Friday.

We expected coverage of the London Games to dominate the TV schedules, but we hadn't bet on it taking over soapland too.

But sure enough, Walford gets Olympic fever this week, with Billy in particular hot under the collar about it.

He is, of course, a torchbearer, but his chance of carrying out his duty is threatened by a series of unexpected events, which shouldn't come as a surprise - after all, life never runs smoothly for the most hapless member of the Mitchell family.

Monday certainly turns out to be arguably the most momentous day of his life. First of all, he runs an errand for a stressed-out Janine, who then sacks him. He doesn't have time to worry about being out of work, however, because he's opening an Olympic-themed campaign for the Minute Mart, as well as playing for the Queen Vic's football team.

The lads lose the match, and during the journey home on the Underground, Jack and Derek take their frustrations out on each other. In the ensuing melee, the emergency cord is accidentally pulled, and it seems that Billy won't make it back to the Square before his allotted scheduled slot to carry the torch.

A brush with the police and an attempt to break into his own flat after losing his keys occur before his big Olympic moment finally does arrive. And what's more, we're going to be on the spot when it does, because the last half of Monday's episode will be broadcast live.

Billy has a wonderful time, feeling like a hero while being cheered on by his friends and family. In fact, the only dampener is the fact he can't spot Lola in the crowd - that's because she's gone into labour in, of all places, McKlunky's, with Cora in attendance to help.

Eventually, Billy is told the news, and he makes it to the fast food joint just in time to see his great-granddaughter, Lexi Billie, enter the world. It's a touching moment and may just spark a reversal in his fortunes.

The rest of the week is taken up by the usual family arguments, secrets and relationship dramas.

We may have our suspicions about the identity of Kat's mystery man, but we still don't know who he is for sure - and perhaps we'll never find out because when he stands her up she leaves him an unusual Dear John message.

Perhaps it's time she focussed on poor old Alfie anyway.

Lucy receives a visit from the bailiffs, who warn her they will be repossessing items from the house if she doesn't pay off at least some of her dad's debts. Joey steps in to help, but is it too little, too late? Finally, Tanya upsets Cora by interfering in her love life.

But while trying to find a way to make it up to her mum, she reads a document containing a secret that could blow her family apart.

Dirty duo push Dev to the edge

Coronation Street


An innocent evening out with the girls turns into a night of revelation and recrimination for some Weatherfield residents.

Stella decides to get her daughters back on speaking terms by taking them out.

Meanwhile, Dev enjoys himself at the golf club, leaving the way open for Sunita and Karl to get down and dirty at the Rovers.

Unfortunately, Stella, Leanne and Eva walk in.

Stella responds in traditional soap fashion - by slapping her love rival across the face.

Sunita comes clean to Dev, who's a broken man. Over the next few days he's pushed closer to the edge.

Chesney's 18th birthday party is brought to an abrupt halt by news of Izzy's collapse at the factory.

Steve tries to impress Michelle by offering ne'er-dowell Ryan a job. Although Steve's efforts land him a date, it could cause his business no end of problems.


In River City, Gabriel spots Conor and Adeeb being disrespectful towards Leyla and steps in. She thinks it might be a sign he wants more from her, but then it becomes clear he has something else on his mind.


Home and Away Channel 5

You'd better get your fill of Summer Bay activity while you can - the soap takes a break from Friday until September 3, although Channel 5 will broadcast classic episodes from the soap's 23-year history from Monday, July 30, just to give addicts their fix.

The drama goes out on a high, with Xavier deciding it's time he left town and started afresh elsewhere. John tries and fails to talk him out of it, and Gina is devastated by the news.

Ruby confides in Leah, who is horrified that her friend has lied to Romeo about being pregnant. She urges her to come clean, but Ruby is reluctant to do so, realising he will dump her if she does so.

Marilyn grows ever-closer to Danny, while Heath gives blood to his desperately ill son, who is finally given a name - Rocco.


River City BBC1

The Tall Ship has been nominated for Community Pub of the Year award, which would be a good thing if it hadn't been trashed by vandals during the night.

Raymond is distraught, but who did it?

Well, that remains a mystery and Raymond doesn't have time to solve it - he has to find a way of paying for the damage because the insurance refuses to pay out (he never got the alarm fixed, silly boy), and he has no alcohol to serve, which won't impress the judges.

Sean offers to help out by supplying some cheap booze, but it's what he will want in return that should worry him.

Meanwhile, Hayley receives an offer for the salon but would rather sell it to Robbie.

He doesn't have the money to buy it, but Deek offers to go into partnership with him, which doesn't go down too well with Will.


Neighbours Channel 5

Jade is a woman on a mission - to get Troy out of her family's life once and for all.

Although we can understand why she's driven to punch him in the face, we hadn't realised how tough she is as, with one swipe of her fist, he ends up in a coma.

However he remains conscious long enough to report both her and Sonya to the police.

Vanessa provides Rhys with a place to stay as their friendship continues to blossom - but is she ready for romance?

Tash discovers that Ed has an unusual hobby, and as she finds herself increasingly drawn to him, she worries about what her friends will think about her having a soft spot for somebody who clearly is far from her usual type.

Finally, Andrew reignites Summer's fire and Paul tries to steal Susan's job.


PREGNANCY... Ruby tells Leah GUTTED... Raymond LOVE?... Summer and Andrew GO, BILLY, GO ... Minutes tick away after the emergency cord is pulled on the Tube BABY... Cora is shocked to find Lola in labour but takes control of the situation PROPOSAL ... Cameron and Debbie CAUGHT... Karl and Sunita
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