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Rita, Tina and Rick too Drug dealer takes Street favourite hostage on wedding day WORDS SARAH MORGAN If you had to choose the Weatherfield resident most likely to be kidnapped by a drug-dealing loan shark, who would you go for? It seems an unlikely state of affairs for all of them but at the very bottom of our list would be Rita. Nevertheless, that's what happens to her at the beginning of an action-packed storyline.

This is also the week in which she's due to marry Dennis Tanner - a man she met more than 40 years ago but who only returned to her life a few months back.

Rita's love life hasn't exactly run smoothly over the years - first husband Len Fairclough was killed in a road accident en route to his mistress, lover Alan Bradley tried to kill her and second husband Ted Sullivan died in her arms. You might expect Corrie's scriptwriters to plan some kind of happy, stress-free day for her.

But no. Instead, Norris and Mary spot Dennis with old flame Nora, take a picture and gatecrash Rita's hen party so they can tell her all about it. Rita is horrified and confronts her fianc. He obviously manages to sweet talk her, because the next day, Tina is helping her prepare for the wedding.

But Tina has other things on her mind - namely Tommy's predicament. He finally tells her how much trouble he's in with Rick and what he's been doing to try to keep the villain off his back.

Tommy then receives a call from Rick, who claims his debt will be wiped off completely, providing he carries out one last job for him.

Tina isn't thrilled about this, so on the morning the job is supposed to be taking place - which also happens to be Rita and Dennis's wedding day - she takes matters into her own hands.

She leaves Rita in the lurch, steals a holdall of drugs Tommy was supposed to be delivering, and decides to hold it to ransom, issuing Rick with an ultimatum - either he meets her at the Red Rec for a showdown, or she'll destroy the drugs.

Tina clearly plans to use the stash as a bargaining tool but Rick is one step ahead of her.

He arrives at Rita's, claiming to be her chauffeur for the day, then takes her with him to the meeting point.

Tina is horrified that her friend is now in danger too.

So, what should she do? Give in to the villain and meekly hand over the drugs? We know that's not Tina's style - and Rita, being a feisty old bird, wouldn't want that to happen either.

Instead, Tina must think fast and come up with a new plan that will ensure Tommy gets off the hook and both her and Rita live to fight another day.

If anybody can do it, Tina can. But what we really need to know is, will she do it in time to get Rita to the register office? Michael's con comes to light EastEnders BBC1 You would expect the Queen Vic to be ready for a grand old East End knees-up as the day of the Jubilee celebrations dawns, but Jean is far too preoccupied with the missing money to tart the place up.

Instead, it's left to Zainab and Cora to sort it out, while Jean questions Jack about Michael's scheme to help local children, and it's then she discovers she's been conned.

Meanwhile Michael spends the week making Jean seem like a demented maniac, obsessed with Janine and her unborn child.

Nobody will listen to Jean - until Kat returns to Albert Square with Alfie in tow.

Derek attempts to make a few quid by muscling in on Ian's businesses, so Lucy takes revenge by spiking Alice's drink at a party - it's a decision she may live to regret.

Finally, Tamwar is down in the dumps when Afia leaves him to start a new life away from Walford - who can blame her? SOAP GOSSIP Jordan Smith, otherwise known as Andrew, says new bosses Neighbours' Jasek and Alan Hardy have had a Richard impact on the soap and breathing positive new life into it. may have won the Sexiest Keegan Female trophy at the last four British Soap regard Michelle but she claims she doesn't Awards, the Corrie star, alias as sexy. Instead, herself herself as a tomboy.

Tina, describes Zak decides it's time he returned to the bosom of his family, despite his doctors advising him differently.

Lisa and Belle are thrilled to have him back, but their happiness proves short-lived.

Zak stops taking his medication, and is then overcome by stress after dealing with the loan sharks.

That prompts Zak to re-admit himself to the hospital, where he cuts a forlorn figure while starting his treatment all over again.

Meanwhile, Justin is determined to wreck Alicia's plan to hand over custody of Jacob to David should she be sent to prison for hitting Val.

Gennie discovers she's 18 weeks pregnant - but is too frightened to tell Nikhil, who claims he doesn't want to have children.

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR CASEY Home and Away Channel 5 If you're hoping to do well at school, it's probably a good idea to keep your temper in check, no matter how much provocation you face.

However, Casey fails to do that and instead hits Townsend when he fails him for handing an assignment in late.

The hot-headed teen tries to make amends, but it's too late - Townsend suspends him and calls the police. Heath tells Bianca he wants to be involved in the pregnancy, but she's trying to keep him at arm's length - until they view an ultrasound DVD together. It's clear there's still something between them.

Romeo's leg needs further surgery, and both he and Indi realise they're better off apart.

SILVIE'S CRY FOR HELP River City STV Silvie is back - but she's not in a good state, either mentally or physically.

She turns up on Tattie's doorstep after being beaten up, and refuses to have any medical help or talk to the police about what happened.

So, with a flea in her ear from Tattie, she leaves, but is soon back and this time she's taken an overdose.

Tattie takes Silvie in, determined to get her back on the straight and narrow. She even lies to Sean to get him to back off, and Silvie is grateful.

Having Tattie and Molly's support helps her fight her demons - but Sean will be more difficult to shake off.

Will and Robbie move in together, but Will is annoyed when Robbie organises a flat-warming party.

Iona takes a shine to accountant Tom, and sparks fly during a drink after work.

Vanessa is object of desire Neighbours C5 Vanessa has certainly made an impact since turning up in Erinsborough.

Lucas may still be coming to terms with impending fatherhood, but he's enjoying having her around - if only for her cookery skills.

But Rhys... Well, he's gone ga-ga for her - and his efforts to get closer are about to cause tension between him and Lucas.

But Vanessa isn't the only pregnant woman on Ramsay Street - after actually giving up on the idea of having a baby together, Sonya and Toadie are delighted to hear they're expecting.

But Sonya's happiness soon turns to concern as she worries about her pregnancy.

Karl asks Susan to attend his band's first gig, but is taken aback when she says she's bringing along a date.



JILTED?... Dennis thinks Rita has left him at the altar. Little does he know the peril she is in DECISION... Tina faces a tough choice PANIC... Discovery leaves Jean crushed SMILES... Belle and Lisa CLOSE... Bianca and Heath TROUBLED... Silvie's back IMPACT... Lucas is jealous
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