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Frank action spells trouble Coronation Street STV Are Carla and Sally Weatherfield's daftest women? You'll find it tough to come up with a stronger case for anybody else this week.

Carla is still reeling from Anne's attempt to blackmail her into dropping the charges against Frank, and decides to confront her attacker about it. She gatecrashes a party he's holding for his business contacts and screams her grievances at him.

As his guests leave in embarrassment, Frank threatens to call the police, and she's forced to leave with her tail between her legs - with the thought that she may have jeopardised the court case.

At Frank's side throughout is Sally. Clearly she isn't concerned about getting involved with a man accused of rape, because she and her boss are soon locking lips and hatching a plan they hope will convince a potential new client that Frank is innocent.

However, Sally's desire to keep it hush-hush ends in disaster when Eileen spots them.

GOSSIP SOAP of Kyle's family are set to His cousin Dane has More members are appear in Neighbours. of already been seen but other relatives being lined up for next year, an indication popularity. that growing it's been revealed the character's shock in 2012, Also in Neighbours, a massive Lucas will receive which will turn his life upside down.

LONDON CALLING Hollyoaks Channel 4 Forget The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and the forthcoming BBC show The Voice - Sam, Matt, Danny, Laurence and Louis don't need any of them.

A smooth-talking record company executive thinks they have what it takes to be a top boyband.

He offers the lads a chance of stardom, but only if they ditch Chester in favour of London. But that move might be a step too far for Sam, who isn't sure about leaving Michaela.

Jacqui, Carmel, Myra, Lynsey, Cheryl, Nancy and Cindy would love a chance to get away. Unfortunately, they've been banged up, and Cindy is blamed for the other girls' incarceration - until she deflects attention from herself onto somebody else.

GENEROSITY BACKFIRES River City BBC1 One good turn deserves another, so when Stevie finds Malcolm's lost wallet, Malcolm decides to employ him to put up shelves.

Liz isn't thrilled when she discovers that Stevie has been given a key to their home, but decides to try to trust him. He abuses that by sneaking in Nicole - use your imagination to work out why.

Later, when Stevie acts suspiciously around Liz, she jumps to the conclusion that he must be responsible for the theft of Malcolm's watch but Eileen thinks the real culprit may be closer to home.

Meanwhile, Bob and Tattie's relationship is going from bad to worse and he's now sleeping on the couch, determined not to give an inch.

DOES EDDI KNOW BEST? Holby City BBC1 New Year at Holby is never a quiet time. If the patients aren't wreaking havoc, then you bet the staff are.

And the latter seems to be the case this year. Eddi may appear to have put her wild youth behind her, but when it comes to hospital hierarchy, her rebellious side comes to the fore.

When she finds a hungover woman out cold in the street, she brings her in for treatment - and is sure she knows better than Luke when it comes to what course of action to take.

Meanwhile, Ollie takes solace in his good working relationship with Dan as he begins to miss the adrenaline rush of cardiothoracic surgery, and Sahira asks a patient to hypnotise Greg.

ALSO THIS WEEK... In River City, Stevie comes face-to-face with old friend Cammy but tells him he's now on the straight and narrow.

Unfortunately, seeing the pair together makes Nicole wonder if Stevie's back drugs.

Cain is backing Charity Emmerdale STV Mr Goody Two-Shoes Nikhil can't resist trying to get Charity into trouble by telling the police why he'suspicious of her. YOU Rather digital corrosive He's doing it for the best of reasons of course - in an attempt to get his brother off the hook - but only manages to upset Jai.

The Julia spell Nikhil's efforts don't work anyway, because Cain backs up her story, explaining that while he no longer cares about Charity, he doesn't want to make life more difficult for Debbie and Sarah. If he had that kind of consideration towards other people, he might not have been bashed over the head!

Jai, meanwhile, goes into a slump, convinced he's going to jail. But Declan comes to his aid, and they rebuild their friendship. He'll need somebody to watch his back when Aaron plots revenge on the man he believes hurt Cain.

Watch it A week on the box with Record telly critic Paul English Absolutely Fabulous BBC1, Sunday Jennifer Saunders' Eddy has gained where her old comedy partner Dawn French has lost - chiefly around the waist.

But there was little excess meat on the bones of the first Ab Fab in six years. Pats and Eddy were as delightfully louche as ever.

It's now impossible to tally Joanna Lumley's drug-addled Bolly-swigging decadent with the plummy-vocals of her serious telly travelogues.

Saunders' writing is as tight as the skirt over Eddy's hips. The 2011 riots were "extreme shopping", the US reality TV muppets The Kardashians were "a new disease which spreads like herpes" and the contrived urban London "Jafaican" accent got it in the ear too.

The dream sequence spoof of BBC4's hit Danish cop drama The Killing was also a throwback to the old French & Saunders movie spoofs. So while we're doing comedy comebacks, how about more of those too, eh? YOU DIDN'T MISS MUCH, EastEnders, BBC1, All week Rather than scything jobs from the BBC digital department, I vote to axe this corrosive misery from the Beeb budget.

CATCH IT ON CATCH UP The Gruffalo's Child, BBC1, Sunday Julia Donaldson's creation weaves a spell on kids big and small.

Doctor Who BBC1, Sunday I have to admit, I'm a bit lost when it comes to Steven Moffat's Doctor Who.

When Russell T Davies brought it back, the Christmas specials, in fact, the whole series, didn't put look-at-how-clever-I-am show-offy story lines ahead of enjoyable daftness.

Nasty wheelie bins and sinister Santas might not have been sophisticated, but they didn't demand much mental engagement at a time when blood has been diverted away from the brain to digest the Christmas dinner.

As with last year, Doctor Who was so riveting that the entire English family was dozing lightly 20 minutes in.

My Name is Michelle McManus BBC Alba, Sunday It might have been trying to start a series of Who Do You Think You Are? style programmes with Scottish celebs in the Hebrides.

Does that make them 'celebrides', then? Sorry. Anyway. It didn't. Michelle McManus might not have landed a catch on the trawl for distant rellies up on Barra. But she did find something else by the time she'd hooked up with Gaelic boy band Manran. Her singing voice.

There's evidently more here than a former Pop Idol. A quare pair of pipes lie behind that formidable cleavage, for a kick off. High time she got them out more. (Her pipes, I mean).

? DO YOU AGREE WITH PAUL'S REVIEWS? EMAIL: WORDS SARAH MORGAN We've known it was coming for some time, but we're still rather taken aback by the thought of Albert Square without Pat.

She's been a mainstay for the past 25 years, initially terrorising her ex-husband Pete Beale, before becoming a matriarch to all manner of waifs and strays - perhaps because of her own decidedly dodgy background as a former prostitute and heavy drinking friend of gangsters.

Her health hasn't been what it should be for some time, but Pat isn't the sort to go down without a fight.

She lies in bed feeling weak but is pleased to see the number of friends and family members who troop through her room, paying their respects.

Unfortunately, one of Pat's visitors happens to be Derek, who can't resist an opportunity to have one last go at a woman he's clearly hated for years.

He twists the knife, goading her until Max and Tanya arrive and, disgusted, throw him out. Derek is left reeling when Max tells him where to go, while witnessing Pat's condition clearly makes Tanya think about her own cancer battle.

Later, Dot can't bring herself to say goodbye to her old friend, but Pat can't stand feeling so useless any longer, and decides to send Whitney to the pub for a bottle of gin before trying to get up. Almost immediately she doubles up in agony - time is almost up for one of Walford's best-loved residents.

What everyone really wants to know is: do her sons David and Simon get back to see their mum before she meets her maker? Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it - and we don't want to spoil the enjoyment of what will start 2012 with a bang for the EastEnders team.

Although Pat's demise understandably dominates the week, there are other storylines happening too.

As Ricky tries to come to terms with losing his stepmother, Mandy does her best to comfort him, but he lashes out at her, saying he wants nothing to do with her.

Upset and in a rage, Mandy takes her anger out on Ian, telling him in no uncertain terms that Ricky is a better lover than he is. Well, there's nothing like hitting a man where it hurts, is there? Alfie and Kat's relationship is at breaking point. He can't get over what she said on the Nanny Cam to Jean and books them a marriage guidance session.

The Masoods attempt to get on with their lives, although Syed is heartbroken - this time because he sees Christian with a one-night stand, prompting Amira to take desperate steps to keep her husband away from the man he loves.

Denise angers Phil by pasting posters across the Square branding him a murderer, while Patrick tries to find a way to repay Kim when her insurance company refuses to give her the cash to repair the B&B.

Yes, it looks as if it's going to be another unhappy new year for the locals.


DESIRE ... Sally and Frank are spotted BARRED... Cindy blamed GONE... Malcolm's watch SAGE... Eddi takes action UPSET... Jai needs support WIND UP... Derek seizes chance have a final go at his archenemy Pat SILVER SERVICE ... Pat is leaving Albert Square after 25 years
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