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It's make your mind up time Coronation Street STV MUST SEE TV!

Hankies at the ready - you're about to witness the demise of a Street stalwart. Yes, Chesney's beloved dog Schmeichel needs an operation he can't afford, forcing him to make a difficult decision - should he try to raise the cash, or have the hound put to sleep? The answer comes easily when the bailiffs turn up. Overwhelmed by grief, Ches tries to stay positive by thinking about a future involving himself, his girlfriend and their unborn child - but it's not easy.

Fiz's release from jail offers hope as at least another wage will be coming into the Battersby-Brown household. Well, it would be if there was a job waiting for her - and if the local gossips would leave her alone.

Sally is the worst offender, despite both Rosie and Sophie telling her mother that Fiz cannot be blamed for her husband's crimes. Will Sally back down, or will Fiz be forced to move on? HOT NEWS claims she Helen Flanagan Corrie's knew when it was time to quit the promiscuous instinctively disliking as Rosie Webster, went through.

phase the character its 25th celebrated last month, Neighbours on British screens aka Dr Karl Kennedy, anniversary have lasted so and Alan Fletcher, the soap wouldn't reckons its UK-based fans.

long without MISS STEADY'S IN PIECES Neighbours Weekdays, Ch5 Kate was bound to find out about Brennan's fate sooner rather than later, but what nobody could second guess was how she would react.

She's always been Miss Steady, the person everyone could rely on, so it comes as a shock to see her fall apart - and finally succumb to Noah's advances. Later, after coming to her senses, she tries to let him down gently, but he won't give up on her without a fight.

Somebody else in the dark about a loved one is Tash. She - and in fact we viewers - have waited a long time to learn what happened to her mother. If Michael would just spill the beans, we could all be put out of our misery.

He's on the verge of revealing all, but chickens out - again. Here's hoping a gift from aunt Emilia will do the trick instead.

NO HAPPY EVER AFTERS River City BBC1, 8pm Anybody hoping to start a new life should probably steer clear of Shieldinch. Living happily ever after rarely happens.

So maybe somebody should have warned Stevie of this before he got all excited about his new beginning.

It all seems to go so well too. He sets his sights on buying Gabriel's van, which Raymond offers to help him out with, and can't believe his luck when Nicole flirts with him. But his good mood is shattered when Dave arrives, looking for Stevie and the gun.

Lenny turns on the charm with the Mullen family, and it's obvious he isn't doing it just because he's on the lookout for new friends.

He also gives Jimmy the day off so he can go to the hospital with Scarlett, despite the fact she isn't keen on having him there.

SUMMER BAY? NOT NOW Home & Away Weekdays, C5 There was once a time when Summer Bay was a happy place to be. The sun was always shining, the birds sang and people went around with a smile on their faces.

Only the odd cloud passed by to spoil things. Ah, how times have changed.

These days the locals are more likely to go around feeling miserable than chirpy. Certainly Leah has got nothing to feel cheerful about - having just suffered a miscarriage. Nobody can really blame the poor girl for being distraught.

The problem is Miles wants to comfort her, but she won't let him, preferring to shut him out of her life altogether.

Maybe she and Irene could help each other. The resident matriarch has a bad reaction to chemotherapy, a situation made worse by the tension between Gypsy and Bianca.

Pictures rake up old flames EastEnders BBC1 Cast your mind back to March 1994, a time when Pat was married to Frank, and he was the unhappy owner of the failing car lot.

MAKE Will Yes of In He arranged for Phil to torch the business so he could claim on the insurance, little realising a homeless man was sleeping in one of the motors and burned to death.

The She as It's about to raise its ugly head again thanks to a series of disturbing photographs sent to Phil.

He works out they are of the homeless man at different stages of his life, but who could have sent them, and why? He thinks Janine might be behind it, but seeing as Pat has never told her about the event, that seems unlikely.

Nevertheless, Phil confronts her. She denies everything, but demands that Pat tells her everything - and the story doesn't paint Frank in a good light.

ALSO THIS WEEK... In Coronation Street, Ciaran isn't interested in settling down in Weatherfield - he wants more cruise ship work.

Michelle isn't pleased and will be even less thrilled when she discovers what he's done with the wedding money.

Watch it A week on the box th he be bo ox with Record rd telly t d te tel ell elly lly critic Paul English En Eng ng ngl gli glis ish sh John Sergeant Meets Rab C Nesbitt, BBC2, Weds John Sergeant came to Glasgow in search of 'Rab C Nesbitt's recession' in this mockumentary.

A front, surely. With his rubbery face and rotund waistline, Sergeant might profess to have been looking for the self-proclaimed scum behind the statistic, but surely what he meant to say was 'the missing branch of the family tree'.

This was an excuse to run out some classic Nesbitt archive, more a quip show than a clip show. And, as ever, Ian Pattison's writing made easy stablemates of comedy and political point-making. "I pity youngsters coming into the laziness industries these days," said Scotland's sensei in a simmet. "What chance have they got?" So long as Rab's still around as a viable role model, every chance.

MAKE A CUPPA Will It Snow? BBC2, Sunday Yes of course it'll snow. It's winter. In Scotland.

CATCH IT ON CATCH UP The Jury, STV, Monday-Friday She doesn't look right in a wig, just as well as she's Julie 'best actress' Walters.

Life's Too Short, BBC1, Thurs My pal's mum can't watch dwarves. They make her feel infirm. Like some women get with mice. Or Craig Revel-Horwood.

So that's one person who wasn't watching Gervais and Merchant's latest arch comedy.

The PC brigade cried exploitation before they'd seen it, then no doubt settled down to watch the latest documentary on Subo.

Life's Too Short is as cringey as The Office and as cynical as Extras, with short person Warwick Davies sending himself up like Matt Le Blanc did in Episodes. The joke's not on the wee man. It's with him.

Controversial? That's just short-sighted.

Strictly Come Dancing, BBC1, Sat/Sun I caught Claudia Winkleman saying Westlife's Flying Without Wings was the best song ever. Quietly. But she definitely did. Public menace, that one. With a daft fringe.

Brucie sang, proving he is, in fact, still warm. And the wee bachle from Dennistoun lost to the clodhopping pugilist come Sunday's bell.

When Lulu opened her mouth a little bit of Home County fell out. Three weeks ago she was "gien it pure gallus, man" at Greenock's Tall Ships on a BBC2 documentary. So a new dance next week. The Dry Boak, maybe? ? DO YOU AGREE WITH PAUL'S OPINIONS? LET US KNOW.

Love triangle hits points WORDS SARAH MORGAN Just a few short months ago, nobody would have guessed that Laurel, Marlon and Ashley would be in a love triangle.

Let's face it, none of them seem the sort, they're just a bit too straight, with high moral values and - dare we say- a tad dull.

Nevertheless, Ashley's marriage is going down the pan, and he's the last one to realise it - even his seemingly permanently sozzled dad Sandy knows something naughty has developed between Laurel and Marlon. Not that they've done anything much about it - although that could be about to change.

Despite suspecting what's been going on behind his back, Ashley asks Laurel to renew their vows, but she's distracted - Marlon wants to meet her in a hotel room for what we assume will be more than a cup of tea and some biscuits. In fact, what he wants - as well as the obvious - is to have a real future with Laurel, but she's getting cold feet.

Is this love story going to have a happy ending, or will Laurel realise that Ashley is the man for her after all? Another couple going through a rough patch are Moira and John.

The writing was on the wall for their relationship the minute she started sleeping with Cain. He may be as rough as old boots and have the charm of a rattlesnake, but for some reason, women in Yorkshire just can't resist him.

John is understandably rather miffed about Moira's behaviour, so she packs her bags and moves into the B&B before planning to clear her head at her mother's place.

John, meanwhile, drowns his sorrows at the pub, where he bumps into Declan, who's in a distressed state after attending Mia's funeral.

With emotions running high, it isn't long before they're squaring up to each other - only Katie and Adam's intervention prevents a fight.

Amy finds it increasingly difficult to hide her pregnancy from her nearest and dearest, but does manage to speak to the midwife about setting the adoption wheels in motion, while Charity accidentally drops herself in it by mentioning her previous attempts at marriage to Georgia.

Elsewhere in the village, Debbie and Andy are having relationship issues of a rather unusual kind - their problem is they're not in one, well, not together anyway.

The medical authorities won't allow them to use IVF to create a 'saviour sibling' for Sarah, which means their only hope is to find a donor elsewhere.

However, as her daughter's health continues to wane, Debbie becomes increasingly determined to find a solution to their problem, but initially only succeeds in taking her frustrations out on Charity.

Andy, meanwhile, can't hold his emotions back any longer and he ends up sobbing openly on Alicia's comforting shoulder.

So, with IVF out of the question and no chance of making a baby the old-fashioned way, Debbie comes up with a new approach - buying a kit on the internet that may help do the trick.

Turkey baster, anyone?


DECISION ... Grief for Chesney KISS... Kate and Noah GUN ... Stevie's in trouble CLASH...Leah and Miles HISTORY... Phil's past returns FOR BETTER, OR FOR WORSE... Is husband Ashley really the man for Laurel after all?
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