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If anyone was going to find Mr Wrong on holiday it was Toyah Battersby. She comes home full of her romance with a Manchester lad called Dobber and is quick to introduce him to the family. Mum Janice has her doubts but Dad Les likes him, or at least he likes his flash car. The dirty Dobber uses it as a passion wagon and has his evil way with the smitten Toyah without taking precautions. So much for sex education. Ken Barlow warns her parents that Dobber was a bad lot at school and has not changed a bit. He gets Toyah to dip her hand in the till at the cafe. Gail and Martin happily accept a dinner invitation from Roy and Hayley, while Maxine does her best to impress Audrey when she learns she still might take over Fiona's salon. Liz gets chatted up by a mystery businessman.


Grunting Grant puts a spanner in the works when Phil attempts to date Louise. He suggests they have a bruvvers night out instead. A candlelit spag bol with the mother-in-law from hell or nursing an orange juice in some club while Grant gets slowly drunk? What sort of choice is that? The lad would be better off at home with a takeaway in front of the telly. Either way, it'd be safer. With Ricky and Bianca away at the health farm, hapless Robbie decides to decorate their flat and ends up with more paint on himself than the walls. Mary and Conor find themselves looking for a place to live and Ian gets some bad news from Mum Kathy in South Africa. She has decided against coming home for Christmas. Millions will look upon that as good news.


Have you noticed how all barmaids in soaps are better at pulling fellas than they are at pulling pints? The Woolpack's pretty new barmaid Tricia only has to flutter her eyelashes for the lads to come running and she can wind the landlord round her little finger. Well, Alan Turner is her grandad. When she threatens to leave Emmerdale she only gets as far as the taxi before he pleads for her to stay. He soon regrets it when he lets her do the cash and carry run and she returns with a TV and video for her bedroom. Mandy and Paddy settle their differences much to the annoyance of their families. The Dingle clan threaten to make Mandy an outcast and Paddy's mum warns she'll fight tooth and nail to separate them.


Love cheat chippy Mick gets a battering when girlfriend Pauline catches him kissing her daughter Andrea. She attacks him with everything she can get her hands on. Eleanor remains cool at the inquest into Marcus's clifftop death but Ollie breaks down on the stand. For a moment it looks as if he is going to confess but he pulls himself together and sticks to his story. Max and Susannah are terrified when Jacqui meets Harry for the first time. They are afraid she will bond with the baby. The relief shows on their faces when she explains she just wanted to see him and hold him before saying goodbye. All together now. Ahhhhhhhh.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Purnell, Tony
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 3, 1998
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