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Tragedy strikes when Tony's drug dealer cronies turn up looking for the money they are owed. Des intervenes but bangs his head when the thugs push him away. He ends up unconscious in hospital, and newly-wed Natalie becomes newly-widowed. Rita gives Betty her bed for the night because her house is being painted and the fumes are making her feel ill. Amorous Alec returns unexpectedly from London and Betty gets the fright of her life when he climbs in bed beside her. Zoe gets ticked off by Foundation friends Ruth and Ben after a vodka binge. To make amends, she cleanses the house of alcohol. But Leanne is not pleased to see it going down the sink.


Nosey-parker Dot jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees vicar Alex with Melanie. Dot has the new girl in the Square down as an old flame of the randy Rev but she turns out to be his kid sister. A romantic anniversary dinner turns sour when Tiffany accuses Grant of discussing their troubled sex life with Phil. Elsewhere, George Palmer makes restaurant owner Rosa an offer she can't refuse. But his offer of a loan to get Guiseppe's out of financial trouble does nothing to ease the tension in the di Marco household. After yet another family row, Gianni throws his apron in and goes after a job at the Market Cellars where he's just in time to rescue Annie from some bother with the customers. George proposes to Rosa - it's another offer she can't refuse.


Callous Chris wheels himself to the remand centre to tell Steve that Kim is planning to divorce him. Realising he's been taken for a mug, Steve confesses to the cops that Kim masterminded the robbery, but she says that Steve's accusation is a way of getting back at her over the divorce. Who will they believe? The vicar gives Terry a job in the village hall - the temporary home for the fire damaged Woolpack. And while Alan is unhappy that the man who ruined his pub is back working alongside him, there is nothing he can do about it. Graham and Rachel enjoy a romantic meal at the diner. They want the village to know they are an item so they kiss in front of Betty - which is as good as putting an ad in the local paper.


Peter thinks Lindsey has had second thoughts when he's kept waiting at the altar. Doesn't he know it's not the done thing in soaps to deprive us of a wedding? It all goes ahead without a hitch, but when proud dad Jimmy refers to the groom as a man with no skeletons Lindsey notices a conspiratorial look between Peter and his old flame, Franki, who is now on the arm of his best man. Elsewhere, it's Tim to the rescue when the chippy is set ablaze. And cheating hubbie Max tells Susannah that his fling with Faye meant nothing. She storms out, leaving Max to cope with baby Harry. Will she ever return? Who knows? And who cares?
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Purnell, Tony
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 14, 1998
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