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SOAP PEOPLE: We're the brothers Grim!; Hunky Coronation Street duo Ryan Thomas, 18, and Bruno Langley, 20 (far right), let CAROLINE BARRETT into the secrets of their amazing off-screen brotherly bond.



oap stars Ryan Thomas and Bruno Langley are The Street's hottest heart-throbs as the tearaway schoolboy brothers Jason and Todd Grimshaw.

The lads get sackfuls of letters from girls asking for posters and getting them to sign cheeky things for them. But teen appeal aside, Ryan and Bruno admit that although they are like chalk and cheese it hasn't stopped them forging a stronger bond than many real-life brothers.

The Grimshaws may be fierce rivals always at each other's throats, but the actors who play them manage to share a cosy Manchester flat without falling out and laugh at their completely different lifestyles.

As a single young star, Ryan is often surrounded by hoardes of admiring girls. "I wouldn't mind a date with J.Lo or Sandra Bullock," he laughs. "They're both really fit."

Looking every inch a teen idol in funky shirt, trendy trainers and artfully spiked hair, he confesses: "The funny thing is, I would never approach anyone I fancied - I'm far too shy. But quite a few girls now start chatting to me."

Meanwhile, Bruno is too loved-up for partying and prefers to spend his time with actress sweetheart Tina O'Brien, who plays his Corrie girlfriend, teenage mum Sarah Platt.

The couple have been dating for two years, but in the early days Ryan got on the wrong side of his mate's girlfriend. "She went mental because I called her Sarah-Lou, who she plays in the show," he recalls. "I don't know what I was thinking because I'd known Tina for years." But now they're all great friends and recently Tina, 19, brought a load of water guns round and they all had a huge fun fight.

But while the lads always love entertaining at home, they don't enjoy the clearing up afterwards, so they've hired a cleaner, called Mandy, to help with domestic chores. "She's an absolute angel," says Bruno. "But sometimes she has to be here twice a week, especially if we've had a party."

Ryan butts in: "We wouldn't need a cleaner if he was more tidy. Bruno is shockingly untidy. He's perhaps one of the messiest people I know."

He also takes a dig at Bruno's eating habits, saying: "Bruno tries to show off and buy healthy food whereas I just buy junk food."

"Yeah, but we've got to try to eat properly," adds Bruno.

Despite not seeing eye to eye over the shopping or who does the dishes, the pair still seem to love each other's company.

"Bruno and I really do get on famously," Ryan admits. "In Corrie, Jason and Todd don't get on at all. We, on the other hand, have never had an argument."

In fact, the actors hit it off immediately when they joined the ITV soap two years ago. And since then they're both got their fair share of hassle from fans who don't like the way the characters treat their Corrie mum Eileen, played by Sue Gregory. "Older women tell me off for being cheeky to her," says Ryan. "What they don't realise is that Sue gets away with murder because she's always slapping me and Bruno across the head - even when we're not filming!"

But the actors are united in their determination to shine in Corrie as brainy Todd lands a place at Oxford University and Jason remains a jobless layabout.

"Funnily enough, I was not a dedicated student in real life," says Bruno. "I even got a certificate when I left school saying I'd spent more hours in detention than anyone else.

"That was one of my proudest moments - apart from joining Corrie." And teaming up with Ryan, eh Bruv?


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Date:Jun 22, 2003
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