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SOAP & GLORY: Sarah Lou is a cheat on Street.


CORRIE'S gymslip mum Sarah Louise Platt will break boyfriend Todd's heart - by cheating on him with tearaway Aidan Critchley.

This is just one shock element of a tidal wave of infidelity being lined up as the Richard Hillman storyline runs its course.

As well as Sarah Lou and Aidan, Karen McDonald will be getting it on with Joe Carter - and Curly Watts' copper wife Emma will have a fling with a fellow officer.

My source in the Weatherfield green room says: "The bosses have decided that the only way to follow the Dirty Dick storyline is bucket-loads of sex.

"On top of everything else, there is a fall-out from Peter Barlow's affair with flower girl Lucy. But the most dramatic story is Sarah Lou's love triangle."

The plot starts developing next month when Ade (DEAN ASHTON) is cleared of murdering Maxine - and is released from jail.

Sarah Lou (TINA O'BRIEN) has been dating Todd (BRUNO LANGLEY), while former boyfriend Ade awaited trial - and even slept with him on her 16th birthday.

At first Sarah Lou plays hard to get when Ade begs for a second chance. But my source says: "She weakens because she's always had the hots for him."

It ends with a punch-up between clean-cut swot Todd and bad boy Ade.

And Sarah Lou's mum Gail (HELEN WORTH) is devastated when she realises her daughter is back with the boy who left her for dead in a car crash.

Todd is also left gutted by Sarah Lou's betrayal. My source adds: "He goes to pieces when he finds out she has cheated on him. He begs Sarah Lou not to dump him and then retreats into himself and becomes a recluse wallowing in self-pity."

-SURANNE JONES wants her character Karen McDonald to go upmarket. "I`m hoping the writers will smarten her up a bit now she's been promoted to supervisor," Suranne tells me.

"I love her to bits, but she really hasn`t got much style. She just throws things on and either looks like a slob or a tart."


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 16, 2003
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