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SO CALLOUS; EXCLUSIVE Jilted Lorna: Here's your daughter Calum, why haven't you been to see her just ONCE?


LOVE-CHEAT Calum Best has been accused of being a heartless brute after shunning all contact with his five-month-old baby daughter.

The Love Island star - son of the late soccer legend George - has refused to see little Amelia Grace, her mother says.

Lorna Horgan told how she is having to bring up the girl on benefits while Calum lives a playboy lifestyle.

The model, who became pregnant after a fling with Calum last year, said: "I can't believe he wants nothing to do with this beautiful little girl. He hasn't even bothered to call and ask how Amelia is."

Lorna said mutual friends have confided in her how Calum is arrogantly snubbing fatherhood. "He is out clubbing every weekend, throwing his money away," she added. "He ends up with a different girl on his arm each time."

Lorna had hoped 26-year-old Calum would calm his partying ways after becoming a dad.

But instead he has been seen out boozing with a string of women, including actress Lindsay Lohan and Kimberly Stewart, daughter of rocker Rod.

Lorna, 25, said Calum is in danger of taking after his harddrinking father, who died last year after two liver transplants.

"George let alcohol destroy him and Calum is heading the same way. While he is out frittering away his money, I am at home looking after his daughter on a tight budget."

Lorna, who lives with her mum in Droylsden, Manchester, has given up her modelling career to be a full-time mum. She gets by on pounds 180-a-week benefits for Amelia and her six-year-old son Conor.

She said: "I earned a good wage modelling, but I want to be at home for my children."

Lorna met Calum at a Brit Awards after-party in February last year and they went on a date 10 days later. But when she discovered she was pregnant two weeks later, she claims Calum turned nasty. He bombarded her with up to 70 texts - which she has kept stored on her mobile phone - calling her a "slag", a "f***ing parasite" and a "gold-digger".

Then, after flying off to Fiji to film Love Island last July, he cut off all contact. Lorna gave birth on December 19 - but still she heard nothing.

She said: "Two weeks after Amelia was born, Calum still hadn't got in touch so I texted him asking if he wanted to be part of her life. He just replied 'I hope you are both well in all sincereness. I will be in touch soon about DNA'."

But Lorna says despite this, he has ignored all her requests to go through with a paternity test.

"Deep down he is scared of taking the test and facing up to being a dad. He is a coward," she said. "I think he is embarrassed about having a baby to someone like me. I'm not in the same league as some of the women he dates.

"But this is real life, he can't make it go away. I can't push him into it, but I want Amelia to know who her father is."

'Calum's following the same path as his dad'


Playboy lifestyle... Calum Best leaves a club with Kimberly Stewart; Booze... George Best; Main picture: NICHOLAS BOWMAN
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 22, 2007
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