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 NEW HAVEN, Conn., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Connecticut businesses can better control their telecommunications costs with SNET (NYSE: SNG) BillWorks(SM), a new PC-based bill management service that enables subscribers to review and analyze all sections of their monthly bills.
 According to Debra Katz, SNET Product Manager-Enhanced Billing Services, "We developed BillWorks in response to customer requests to receive their billing data on diskette and have a way to quickly and easily see where their telecom dollars are going. The service can help companies better understand their telecom costs and identify areas where they can control costs."
 How well does the new service meet customer needs? Barry Volante, manager of telecommunications planning for General Electric and a participant in the pre-launch trial, commented, "BillWorks is one light- year step ahead."
 The service consists of two parts: the BillWorks software that can be loaded onto any IBM-compatible PC; and the customer's monthly billing data on diskette. For payment purposes, customers will still receive their telephone bill on paper.
 With BillWorks, instead of manually searching through the many pages of their monthly phone bill, businesses can efficiently analyze their billing data using a PC. Customers can quickly identify calling patterns, view historical trends, perform customized queries, track and allocate long distance and equipment charges, and print out customized reports and graphs.
 Katz pointed out, "One of the most valuable uses of BillWorks is to help a business identify toll abuse within its organization. Reports and graphs can display the number of calls made by hour of the day, day of the week, destination and duration. This makes it easy to pinpoint and investigate unusual calls."
 Corporations can also use BillWorks to allocate charges for long distance calls and telecommunications services and equipment to different departments or subsidiaries. Legal and accounting firms can easily create reports to charge back the cost of calls to clients.
 For budgeting purposes and to find unusual patterns in their expenditures, subscribers can compare charges for each billing category on a month-by-month basis. In addition, BillWorks can export billing information to other applications like databases or spreadsheets, eliminating time spent manually inputting this information.
 According to Katz, "BillWorks can be cost-effective for almost any customer who spends hours analyzing monthly phone bills. We'll be providing free demo diskettes for prospective customers who want to see all that BillWorks can do for them and how easy it is to use."
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