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Byline: Jonathan Kay

BITVIEWMICKO Was readilyle ftb ehind afteramo destbreakand lookedi napr etty hopeless positionw hens ubsequently crowded wideat t he first bend. Stillap peared anunlikelyqualif ieras hetr ailedthe field alongtheback s tretch, butstay edo n well fromthethird toe nsurepr ogress. Cannot expect tos urvivef rom suchp ositions for too muchl onger.

BLONDES NAPPER Broke wellfrom five and usual burst ofe arly pacea llowedhim to leadu pa classy field. Forfeitedalitt le groundk eepingamiddle courser oundthe first benda ndw as pressedb y BoherP addy immediatelyonenteringthebackstraig ht. However,r eally buckleddownand forced that rival tow orke xtremelyh ard tog etp ast. He'sg ettingstronger witheach runand has tob e respected.

BOHER PADDY Didnot maket he best of startsf romtrap one, butasmo oth run to theturnallow edh im tot urn secondb ehind BlondeSnap perand fluentb end running sawhimchallen gingearlyintheback straight. Justaboutsho wedahead g oinginto thethirdand finally saw offthe persistent earlyleaderonthe run for home.O neo fthe few railers forw homtrap o neh erelooks ideal.

BOWTIMESYK ES Prospectsd idnotlook brighta fterasl ows tartandthen maintaininga widep ath tot he bendf rom six. Again tookt he scenic route betweenthe first twoturns, but began tom akepr ogress at halfwayand reallymo toredin tot het hird. Wentaf ter leader Droopys Loneratthr eequartersa ndp oweredt othe f ront lateo n, buthis runningst yle requireslu ck.

BRINKLEYSFLYER Wastap ped forearly pacea fteramo destbreakfr omt rap four, but caughtabreak whenthoseonhisinside squeezedu patthe first benda llowinghim to cuta crossandturnthird. Stayedo n well fromthethird bend, railingatthr ee-quarters andthenclaiming s econdonthe run for him, but willal waysh ave tod o itt heh ard way.

BUBBLY PHOENIX Unable tor eproduceh is first roundhe roics, butlook eds ett oini tially aftermakingan otherf aststartfromsixon ly toa pparentlystumble s lightlyandlose momentum.R alliedt oturn second, keeping wideand out oft rouble, but couldnot make any realimpressionon l eaderJ aytee Pedro. Thatstumble could haveb een veryc ostly thoughs othis wasa bulletd odged. BUCKSBL ADE Anotherf airlymodeststar t, butshow edg ood earlyand tookad vantage of the room offeredt ohomeby wide-running kennelmate TyrurJustinon h isimmediate outside tot urn secondd espitemoving middlehim selfatthe bend.C losedi nfrom halfwayand wentpastonthe i nsideonthe run for home,staying on well. Trappingan issue.

CASTLEBRIDE DAN Ran betterthanthe formline suggestsas he managedt ojust about keeps peedy Razldazl Bugatti company ont he run tot hef irst bendb eforejust appearing toc hecksli ghtlyatthequar ter mark. Was readilyle ftb ehindalongtheback straighta nde ventuallyl ost secondon t he run for home, buthisearlypace willal ways makehimanin teresting proposition. COOLAVANNY BERTGotawaypr ettyw ell fromtrap fourandthenpr oceededt o keepa farstraig hter courset othe b endthanmany hadp redicted,just edginginside ratherthan divingacrossas he hadinthe first round.A goodb urst ofe arlyallow edh im toc utac ross Mill Maximus tof ullyassertandhe s awthe tripout far better,p rogressing.

DOONANE LAD Checkedatthe s tartas many seem tod ofr omt rap one, butshow ed reasonable early tot urnthirdand closedon theleaders tot hethird bendfrom w hich pointh e could findn omor e.W illlikely requireabigst epu p tom aintain involvement.

DROOPYSJET Onlym oderatelyawayfrom trap two,h esho wed fair early tom oveinto secondb ehind superstar Razldazl Jayfkay goingintotheopeningturn wherehe definitely eased offa ndh ad tori de crowding asa result. Againin volvedi n scrimmagingat the secondt urn, hew asle ftt railinginthe leader'sw akealongthebackst raightb ut virtuallyan ything would haveb een. Still feel heh asmo ret o offer.

DROOPYS LONER Checkedatthestart fromt rap one, buthertrademark earlyp ace tookher tot hef rontatthe first benda nd she raced cleare arlyinthebackstraig ht. Still heldav ery tidyad vantageat t hree-quarters, butinacarb onc opy ofr ound oneshe t ired badlyon t her un for homea ndw as caught. Does seem tob e findingthe l ast30metresa stept oof ar.

DROOPYS LORENZO This wasa somewhat flat performanceaf terhisthrilling rally to winin roundone. Broke fastfromsixand, althoughs queezed for roomal ittleandthen edginginsidehimself, itw asdisap pointing tos eet hel eaders edge clearo fhimandmo re sow henh e couldmakelittleimp ression throughout.N eeds tos tepback up.

FARLOEI CEMAN Oncea gain seemed to checks lightlya tthestartdrawninoneand was playing catch-up,but hadenou ghe arly tot urn secondb ehind Razldazl Riogaand wentab out chasingthe l eader without ever makinganimp ression. Tired offthe last bendb utde finitelyhasabig ger runinhimif onlyh e canget it rightatthe boxes.

FARLOEI RONMAN Again nonet oo wellaway, buts howedg ood earlyp ace andshr ugged offjust being clipped from behind tot urn secondto leader Tinas Nova. Chasedt hat rival wellen oughw ithout being able tom akeany real impressionth roughout.T his was onlyhis secondr acein threem onthsa ndh e can improve, but crucialhe d oes soi ntrap pingde partment. FARLOEM YSTERIO Broke fastfromtrapsix,mo ving wideat t hes tart,b efore beingpr edictably beaten fore arly paceb y Razldazl Rioga. Againmo ved offat the first bendw hichhe turnedinthirdand could not makea nyr eal impressionaf terwards althougha lwaysl ooked safe inaqualif ying position. Thingsmayjust be happeningastr idet oo quickly.

FRENCHB LUE Survived anotherr oundbutit was a close runthingde spite himturningah eadof reigningc hamp Taylors Sky.H e had managedthatontheback ofag oodbreak then cuttingac rossatthe first bend, but readily outpointedt othethird benda ndw as alloutfromthr ee-quarters. Dow ell tom ake thequar ters.

GOGO SONIC Nothing speciala boutthe breakandthen movedw idef romtrap four, justlosing groundo ntheleaders tot he bend where hek eptthatoutside course.Intothird earlyinthebackstrai ght,h e closedinon thoseahead ofh imun tiltaking second off the final bendb utthat wasasgo oda s itg ot and he could findn omo re. Yet tot rapas he can.

GRAIGUES ORCHARD Slightlys queezed forr oomonthe dash tot he bendt hen movedo ffa tthe firstturn butimpr ovedi nto thirdenteringthe b acks traight wherehe just seemed toc heck. Chaseda longt heback straightu ntild enied racing roomat t he third,b ut ralliedl ateon toq ualify.T hings just seem tob e happeningabitquick lyf or him here.

HOLYCROSS PRINCE Aslowstartfrom trapone hadhimon t heback f oot, but movedi nsideatthe first bendt ojointhose toiling behind Razldazl Jayfkayand rode secondt urn crowdingt o claimthirdplace. Predictablyunab le tom akeanyimpression onthe recordb reaker, butdid close runnerupDr oopys Jetdo wnal ittle. Short oft he best, but gameness willhelp.

JAYTEEP EDRO Improvedh is sectional despitenotbreakingas wellasin roundone ash e wasable top aceup withthe rivals on either flanksmo othinghispath.Go ode arly hadhimah ead atthe t urn where he moveda crossfrom fivei na race-winning move. Alwaysin controlfrom t hat point, he givestheimpressionthatthereisstillalot moret o come buttrappingis going tob e key. JUDICIALR ULING Backedu phis impressiveheat victory witha performance thatlo okeds ett o ber un oft her oundu ntil Razldazl Jayfkaycamealong halfanhour later.B rokef astfrom four, edging slightly wideas h esho wed terrificearly pacet o race clear.P ursuedb y YoungSidal ongtheback straight,hebr okethat rival byt hethird benda nds tormedh ome. Player ont his evidence.

KINGJ AFFA Onlym oderatelyaway,helost alitt le ground tot hetu rnw herehe was forcedt oc heck, but railedw ellatthequar ter point tog o fourthandimpr ovedaf urther positionta kingthesho rtest routeintothe backstrai ght.C hasedt hec lassyduoahead of him really well tof inishon t heir heelsand thisw asa goode ffortfr omag reyhound regardeda safron t-runner.

KIRKLANDBL ACK Beaten fore arly pace aftera modestb reak, butnip pedinside to turnthirdandmaintain edt hatqualif ying position whilst continuingt o loseg roundon theleade rs. Hardt o seeh im survivingmu ch longer.

LENSONGIN GER Movedonlysl ightly middlefrom o net his time,sho wing fair earlyaf teramodestbreak toc hallengeat the first bend.W inner RuthlessMan was more fluent roundtheopeningturnsand wenta wayfr omt he secondw ith Shelbourne Geoffalsopr ovingstr onger lateo n. Not disgraceda ndc omingt o hand, mayben ot quicklyenou ghh owever.

LONGWOODD AYS Modestlyawayfrom trap two,h ejustaboutheldhispitch tot he bendw hereh emo vedinside, was crowded andtu rnedf ourth.G aveho nestchasealong thebackstr etchb efore easing slightlyatthe third bend, butstay edo nstr onglyon t he run forh ome toe nsure survival. Isr unning reasonably well butdoes needt oshowmo re. LONGWOODH AWK Broke far betterthan in roundoneand,despi teb eingtap ped for early toe,w asable tou tiliseinsidedraw to justabouthold pitch tob endandthenturn second. Thestrong runner wasal waysg oing tob e dangerousf romthat pointand closed inonleader Trewmount Snap roundthe last two bends beforep oweringpast o n run for home. Will continue ton eedluckin running however.

MALBAY PHANTER Trapped far betterthan in roundone and enjoyed a solo to the bendfrom five, keepinga wide course until cuttingacrossat the turn and just clearing Barefoot Allstar with only minor crowding. In controlfrom that pointand stayed on really well to claim the spoils, but hit-andmissstar tinga concernas hec anmake things tough forhimself.

MARKMY WORDS Slowlyawayfromtrap three,he wasstill behindwhen moving insideandjust brushingthe railsatthe first bend. Somepr ogressapproachingthe t hird benda nds tayedo n well ton ickaqualif ying position righton t heline but yet toc onvince that Wimbledonis h istrack.

MILLBLINGBLING Madeamo derates tart from twoand hadt obattle tot urninthird place, ridingalittle crowdingi ndoing so. Did not sparklea she cana fterwardsand was nevermakinganyimp ressiononthoseah ead ofh im butqualified comfortablyen ough. Fastbr eaksw ill bek eyt ohowde eph e goes intothe eventasheis bestwhen c loset othe action.

MILL MAXIMUS Stretchedhis winless run at Wimbledon tos ixalthou ght his wasa far better effortt hanhistr ouble-marred performancei n roundone. Has yet tof lash out oft hetrapsat t hetr ack,b utshow ed reasonable earlyb efore being forcedt oc heck as CoolavannyB ertcutacr osshimatthe first bend.C hasedw ell tot her un-in, but thattrapping needs toi mprove.

RAZLDAZL BUGATTI Madeamuch better startthis timeand p acedu p tot akeearly control. Tookamiddle coursef rom five roundthe first couple ofb endsa ndt hen openedupintremendous fashionalongthe backs traighta sheendedanydou btsabout theout come.T his washimathis bestand it willtakeago odg reyhound toc hallengeh im earlyevenif othersa res trongerall-round. RAZLDAZLJAYFK AY Brutally majesticas heq uites implydestr oyedtheop positionin record-breakingst yle. Absolutelyp inged from fivee n route toab est-ever4.63s ec sectionalandthen torer oundthe firsttwo bendsashe pulled furtherandfurtheraway. Suchw ashis dominancet hat itw ouldhave been nos urpriseifa first-ever sub-28sec timeh ad beenann ounced, butwhois tos ay hed oes not yet haves uchar uninhim? RAZLDAZL RIOGA Having come off worst followinga goodt ussle with Mill Bling Bling inthe first round,justabout everything wentri ghtthis timeas h ebroke wellfrom four,sho wed terrifice arly pacet ogo clear andmaintain edaf uriouss trong gallop throughout.W henh ege tsi t rightatthe start,h ecan beam atchf oran ythinginthe event,c ertainlyin terms ofe arly.

RUTHLESS MAN Steppedu pfromhis run behindunfortunate Eden Starin roundone byb reaking wellfrommiddle berth,just aboutholdinghis pitch tot he benda ndt hen reallydrivingtheopeningturnsin impressive fashion.Ade finitel eader enteringthebackstrai ght,b utquic klyput the racet o beda ndo thers will bec losed downb ystrong-running ShelbourneGe off even morem arkedlythanhe was.

SHELBOURNEABI Again brokew ell, moving widefr omt rap twoini tially but shrugging off slightcrowding t o leadr ound. Under pressuree arlyinthebackstraig ht,she surrenderedt head vantage nearthethird bendb ut kepton wellen ough. Pingstar ts vital toc ontinuedin volvement. SHELBOURNE GEOFF Madea far better startthanin roundon e,b utunder p ressure fore arly paces traighta wayandeventually turned fourthaf terminor crowding. Began top rogressalongthebackstraig hta nd movedi nto secondat t hree-quartersb efore really closinginon winner RuthlessMan late on. Didnothing tod ispelth eoryt hathe will bee xceptionallyh ard tok nocko ut.

SKYWALKERGOLD Confirmedthe promise ofh is first round run witha verys olid performancee venif victory wasnotinhis usualfron t-running fashion. Tot he eye trappedb etteralthou gha4 .90secs ectional wasidentical withthe factth athe edged insideand was slightlyc rowdedf rom five perhaps being responsible. Turneds econd, challengedat h alfwayand led nearthe t hird, hes till hass cope.

TAYLORSCRUISE Againdidnot maket he best ofs tarts, but wasthird goingintothe first bendw herehe easedmiddlefr omt wo althoughn ott otheex tenthe hadin round one.Did not really close inon t hoseahead of himuntilthethird bend, butr eally rattled homefromthat pointa ndw as closingin hardatthe finish. Trap fivei n roundthr ee mighta ctually workinhis favour.

TAYLORSSKY Againon lym oderatelyaway and seemed tos tumbleslig htlya tthestart befores howing reasonable early, beingheld inashe m ovedm iddlea tthe first benda nd turnedin second. Closedd ownleader F rench Bluer eadilyal ongt heb acks traightand stayedo n well havinghitthefront nearthe thirdbut connectionsw ill wantde fending champ tor ediscovertrap ping boots. TINAS NOVA Backedu phis first round victory courtesyo fa flyingstartfromtrap threew hichquic kly hadhimatthe h ead of affairs.T hattur ned out tob e crucialashe onlyj usthadenou gho fanadvantage to enablehim toc lear FarloeI ronmanatthe openingturn, buton ced oing soi t was race over. Looksago oda ll-rounder, butmo reis going tob e needed.

TREWMOUNT SNAP Made faststartfrom trap fourandago odt urn ofe arly paces oon hadhimfr ont.M aintainedam iddlec ourse to,andat,the first benda ndt heno penedup aus efullead a longthebackstraig htb ut was unfortunatethatstr ong-running Longwood Hawkt urnedin behind. Nod isgrace tobe outstayedb ythat rivaland givesimpression thatthere maystill bem ore toc ome.

TYRURJU STIN Showedm ore sparkonhis third Britishstar t,b reaking wellfr omt rap threea ndp acingup tol ead byt he bend despitemoving markedly wideand being slightlycr owded. Stretched out wellalong thebackstraig htb ut writing was onthe w all approachingthe last where her an wideand couldf ind noex tra.Is progressing, but will needs ignificantlymo re.

WESTMEADA DONIS Slightlycr owdedon the run tot heb endandthen forcedt o check at ita s othersw erethatbit fasterup, he droppedi nto fifthand lastplace before nippinginsidetr ouble tog o fourthearlyin thebac k.E aseds lightlya tthethird, but reallymo toredfromthe last tof inishin strong fashion-staminahismain suitb ut will needl uckin running tou tilise it.

WESTMEADM ALDINI Slowlya wayfr om trap one,h etrail edt he fieldin tot he first bendb ut railedt omisstr oubleand e ntered thebackstraig hti n fourth. Chasedw ell enoughw ithoutm akingahugeimpression andthen rallied toq ualify having been forced toc hecka tthethird bend.Alittle surprisinghe couldnot finish closerf rom wherehe f oundhim selfthou gh.

YOUMINDME Trappedf ar betterthis time and wasal waysg oing tol eadupasa result. Maintainedamiddle coursea tthe first bend but itdi dnotaf fecthis momentumandhe oncea gainsho wedthat480mho ldsno fears forh imby s tayingon prettyw ell. Is the latestina longline ofs printers tof are well inthe Derby, crunchonho rizon now with potential ofq uick runs.

YOUNGSID Sawhis winning runend ed, but althoughc omfortablyb eatenby J udicial Ruling was farfromdis graceda sthat dog produceda nelect ric performance. Only moderatelyaway, heshow edr easonable early pacet oturn behindthe winner butdid not reallythreateninanextremely fast run race. Althoughh e has wonfrom behind, suggestionthathe needs tod ominatei nthis exalted companyandthat will not bee asy.

TOMORROW CHARLIELISTER 50-1Blonde flyingu nder Derby radar ATab estpriceof3-1,RazldazlJayfkay is half a point shorter for the williamhill.comDerbythanhewas atthesamestagelastyearandsurely no-onewhowitnessedhisstunning track recordperformanceonSatu rday candoubtthathedeserveshisposition inthemarket.

Hewentontoshortenfurtherstill in2011to9-4aheadofhisunfortunate quarter-finaleliminationwhichshows the pitfalls possible for even the fastest of greyhounds. As a result, he looks priced about right even though he has fared pretty well in thethirdrounddraw.

Judicial Rulingwastheotherhugely impressive weekend winner and bookmakershavetakencoverwith pre-heat50-1 q uotesadistantmemory and a short enough 8-1 the best availablenow .

H o w e v e r, BLONDES NAPPER continuestosneakundertheradar tosomeextentanditishardtofathom why Mark Wallis's proven performeristhreeandahalftimesthe priceofBoher Paddywhentherewas solittlebetweentheminroundtwo .

Doubts about the Golden Sprint champion truly lasting the 480m hereshouldhave b eenbanishedafter twoexcellentrunsinthecompetition todate,yetapre-event80-1hasonly been trimmed into 50-1 in places whichdoesseemabitofaninsultfor agreyhoundofhispedigree. Recommendation Blonde Snapper 1ptat50-1 Boylesports ONTHESPOT CatchJimCremin'sliveheat byheatDerbyreportsat


JudicialR uling:backedupfirst roundeffort TaylorsSky:must rediscovertrappingboots Blonde Snapper: appearsto begetting stronger withevery run
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Date:May 10, 2012
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