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StorageTek(R) (Storage Technology Corp.) (NYSE:STK), the storage services and solutions expert, has signed an agreement with Sine Nomine Associates (SNA). Per the agreement, StorageTek customers may engage Sine Nomine to provide comprehensive third party implementation, training and consulting services for StorageTek SnapVantage(TM) software to manage virtual servers in Linux for System/390 environments.

"We are delighted to be working with Sine Nomine Associates to help SnapVantage software customers optimize the power and value of their data storage infrastructures," said Tom Major, StorageTek vice president and general manager, Disk Business Unit. "As SnapVantage software continues to gain momentum in the marketplace, our relationships with professional service providers such as Sine Nomine Associates ensures that our growing SnapVantage software customer base is fully equipped with the first-class training and support they have come to expect from StorageTek and its professional service providers."

SnapVantage software facilitates the rapid deployment and recovery of multiple Linux virtual servers residing on Shared Virtual Array (SVA(TM)) subsystems using IBM's zSeries mainframe computing platform, including Virtual Machine (VM) and zLinux. SnapVantage software makes zLinux servers more efficient to manage and faster to deploy than any other solution on the market today and is ideally suited for companies looking for an affordable way to support enterprise-class server farms and data centers. With SnapVantage software, CIOs and IT administrators who need an effective storage consolidation solution can create and control Linux virtual servers on demand while dynamically configuring and eliminating issues of under-allocation and over-purchase, permitting the use of 100 percent of IT resources.

Increasingly, customers with both mainframe and open systems environments are considering the Linux under z/VM solution to enable the consolidation of hundreds of diverse, distributed servers onto one mainframe, thereby greatly simplifying server management. SnapVantage software, announced in June 2002, pushes the customer value of this consolidation to the next level. SnapVantage software takes full advantage of the StorageTek SVA virtual disk architecture to enable customers to create multiple servers from predefined model "images" and manage those servers with an easy-to-use web interface. This approach greatly reduces the amount of disk storage that is required when deploying thousands of servers.

"Sine Nomine Associates is proud to offer our professional implementation and training services to help StorageTek's SnapVantage software users streamline their storage installations for Linux for System/390 environments," said Evan Macbeth, director of Strategy, Sine Nomine Associates. "As a recognized technology leader for Linux for System/390, we are confident that we can enable SnapVantage software users to realize the full potential of their investment and reap the valuable benefits of StorageTek's advanced SnapVantage software technology."

SnapVantage Software Pricing and Availability

The U.S. list price for SnapVantage software starts at $25,000. StorageTek enterprise disk storage products are available through a network of value added distributors and value added resellers, as well as direct through local StorageTek sales teams. StorageTek Global Professional Services provides a comprehensive methodology to deliver assessment, design, implementation and management services for StorageTek's disk subsystems and management software. Installation, training and support are available from StorageTek Global Professional Services and StorageTek-certified service providers.

About Sine Nomine Associates

Sine Nomine Associates (SNA), a systems and network consultancy based in Ashburn, Virginia, specializes in assessment, design, implementation and support of critical computing infrastructure for enterprises. Our method insures that customers use the right computing tool for the job, and realize the greatest return on their IT infrastructure investments. We are the leading innovator in the Linux on the Mainframe market and provide a variety of consulting services to clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-up companies. SNA has offices across America and in Europe. For more information, see or call 703-723-6673.

About StorageTek

StorageTek (NYSE:STK), a $2 billion worldwide company with headquarters in Louisville, Colo., delivers a broad range of storage solutions for digitized data. StorageTek solutions are easy to manage and allow universal access to data across servers, media types and storage networks. StorageTek is the innovator and global leader in virtual storage solutions for tape automation, disk storage systems and storage networking and is a voting member of the SNIA. Because of StorageTek, customers can manage and leverage their digital assets as their businesses grow and can maximize IT productivity to ensure enterprise-class business continuity.

For more information, visit or call (800)786-7835.
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