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SMT Manufacturers Compelled to Come up with Solutions to Address Increasing Demands for Quality Inspection, Effective Wafer and Substrate Bumping and Better Dispensing Functionalities.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: Opportunities for SMT in World Back-End Semiconductor Markets to their offering.

This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled SMT Opportunities in Back-end Semiconductor Markets provides in-depth information on the placement, inspection, soldering and dispensing equipment opportunities with complete analysis of key market opportunities, challenges and restraints along with analysis of back-end packaging, bumping and die attach trends. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following SMT markets: screen printers, pick and place, soldering as well as inspection equipment that is increasingly seen in back-end semiconductor markets like die attach, bonding, bumping and advanced packaging.

Market Sectors

Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following sectors in this research:

- Surface Mount Technology

- Screen Printers

- Pick and Place Equipment

- Inspection Equipment

- Soldering Equipment


The following technologies are covered in this research:

- Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Screen Printers

- Turret and Gantry Pick and Place

- AOI, X-ray and Laser Inspection

- Reflow and Wave Soldering Ovens

Market Overview

With closer integration of semiconductor packaging and PCB assembly services, packaging and chip design have started to dictate terms to the SMT industry. Applications of placement and reflow processes have displayed commonness to both semiconductor packaging and SMT markets, resulting in a reduction in their boundaries of distinction. The result is a situation where manufacturers ask; Can a piece of equipment combine the features of semiconductor packaging and SMT processes to facilitate the trends of lower packaging costs and effective wafer bumping? With package inspection forming a major step towards the production of fault-free packages, can the 3D inspection of the solder ball process help package manufacturers solve their solder analysis requirements? With the trends of packaging and assembly services shifting to Asia-Pacific, will China be able to offer newer opportunities for semiconductor package manufacturers? Implementing a silicon cycle in addition to their SMT manufacturing process would aid them in gaining the complete understanding of the semiconductor package requirements.

As per the current trends in semiconductor packaging, SMT manufacturers are compelled to come-up with solutions that can address the increasing demands for quality inspection, effective wafer and substrate bumping and better dispensing functionalities. Certain inexpensive SMT processes have started to increasingly picture in the semiconductor packaging chain. Focusing on developing SMT solutions that work on higher accuracy levels instead of higher placement speeds would drive their services towards back-end semiconductor package manufacturers. Knowing the advanced packaging trends and newer requirements in die attach and wafer bumping technologies can deliver the SMT market participants a complete picture of what the back-end semiconductor market is all about.

1. Executive Summary

- 1. Market Overview

- - 1. Introduction

- - 2. Market Definitions

- 2. Major Research Findings

- - 1. Semiconductor Opportunities for SMT Equipment Manufacturers

- - 2. Semiconductor Market Focus

- - 3. Semiconductor Packaging and Test Service Providers

2. Total SMT Opportunities in Back-end Markets

- 1. Market Dynamics

- - 1. SMT and Back-end Semiconductor Package Assembly Processes

- - 2. Wire Bonding and Flip Chip Processes

- - 3. Industry Challenges

- - 4. Market Drivers

- - 5. Market Restraints

- - 6. SMT Equipment Opportunity Analysis

- - 7. Competitive Structure

3. Strategic Analysis of SMT Opportunities in Wafer Bumping and Back-end Packaging

- 1. Forecasts and Trends

- - 1. Die Attach Equipment Trends

- - 2. Advanced Electronic Packaging Trends

- - 3. Wafer Bumping- Trends & Applications

4. Appendix

- 1. Decision Support Database (DSD) Tables

- - 1. Global Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment Market

- - 2. World Electronics Component Contribution

- - 3. Telecommunication Contribution to Electronics Industry

- - 4. Consumer Electronics Contribution to Electronics Industry

List Of Figures

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Source: Frost & Sullivan
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