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SLM women remember Darfur abuses in the Human Rights day.

Statement From the Women Commission of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army on the momentous occasion of releasing the Human and Citizenship Rights

September 3, 2008 -- The women Commission of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army would like to seize this historical event and bring to the attention of the whole world that, the blood of the Darfurian innocent People, women and children from every village and camp cries out for justice, justice to stop the well-calculated and planed genocide, the bloodbaths and to end their suffering" the perpetrators of recently Kalma sheer butchery and so many others must be made to pay for their actions" and the only thing necessary for an evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing; therefore we are counting on the International Community, peace and security --loving nations to intervene with the potential forces and tools to stop the genocide because the hybrids forces proved to be a toothless tiger lacking the will and means to protect. We are also appealing to the International Community to exercise pressure on Sudan Government to rapidly and unconditionally disarm the janjaweed and it's militias, remove the new dwellers it brought from the Neighboring Countries from the land of the indigenous people and stop the killing and depopulating the IDPs Camps " the International Community has to rise to the challenge of stopping the ongoing genocide in Dar Fur and it has an a awesome responsibility to achieve that and the fiasco to protect will wreck it's credibility and have grave consequences in years to come". The women Commission of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army wants to salute the Government of France and it's People for their Unprecedented noteworthy achievement of pioneering the making of Human and Citizenship Rights Act, and sincerely hope to do their earnest efforts to push it to every corner of the globe, because repressive systems and laws have never made any nation develop. SLM/A Women Commission. 3/ 9/ 2008.

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Publication:Sudan Tribune (Sudan)
Date:Sep 6, 2008
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