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SLIMMING MEDIC SCRUBS UP WELL; Martin lost 10 stones after he couldn't fit into blues.

Byline: By Lachlan Mackinnon

A MASSIVE medic forced to lose weight because he could no longer fit into his scrubs is now half the man he used to be.

Martin Young, 23, saw his weight balloon to almost 23 stones as he feasted on sweets and cakes.

The radiographer was eventually forced to wear XXXL clothes, and had a 50-inch waist.

But he was horrified when even the biggest size of hospital blues became too tight for his ample frame.

Now, after a strict diet and exercise regime, he weighs just 13 stones.

Martin, of Bellshill Lanarkshire, said: "I had to do something. There was a combination of things getting me down.

"Nothing would fit me, I was out of breath and I was very self-conscious.

"But losing weight has changed every aspect of my life.

"I sometimes wonder how I managed before. I'm so much fitter now but there is a lot of running around in my job. I was nowhere near fit enough."

Martin has struggled with his weight since he was a schoolboy. Regular trips to the tuck shop caused his weight to soar and he was taunted by other kids.

By the time he started university, he had given up on exercise and began relying on junk food.

When graduation finally rolled around, he was heavier than he'd ever been .

But it was only when he struggled to get into his gigantic hospital blues one day that he realised he needed to take urgent action.

Martin enrolled in a slimming club, ate sensibly and began running, even joining a club. The weight started to fall off and he has now shed almost 10 stones.

But the dramatic change has caused problems at work, because his ID badge shows the old Martin.

He revealed: "People say that it looks nothing like me now.

"They say they can't imagine me the way I was before. But I can and I don't want to go back there."

Martin said he was now brimming with confidence and has just started a new relationship.

He said: "I can look at the clothes in shop windows now because I know they'll fit me. I am a lot happier. I went to America on holidays on my own last year.

"Before, I never would have done that.

"I have never felt more positive about myself than now.

"It feels great when people tell you how good you look."

His advice to anyone who wants to lose weight was: "Just go for it.

"Join whatever class feels right and do whatever you have to do for yourself.

"I love my running group and I am really enjoying the sense of freedom you get from exercising and the amazing effect it has on my body shape too."

'Nothing would fit me, and I was out of breath'


MICK MCGURK; HALF THE MAN: Martin at his graduation and, left, as he is now
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 26, 2008
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