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SLADE GUITARIST'S JOB HAS GONE WEST; Sacked for love of Cromwell Street killer.


MIDLAND pop legends Slade have sacked one of their guitarists - because he was planning to marry mass murderer Rose West.

Dave Glover, 36, has been fired by group founder Dave Hill, who says he was 'horrified' to learn of his bandmate's shock relationship.

Glover stunned the rest of the band last week when it was revealed that he had exchanged hundreds of love letters with West.

The odd couple were said to be planning to get hitched.

But the wedding has now been called off because West, 48, says she 'wants to give this young man his life back.'

Glover, from Hampshire, has been fired by Hill, who formed Slade with Noddy Holder and helped make the band one of the biggest-sellers in the glam rock 70s.

Noddy has since left the band, but Hill, from Penn, Wolverhampton, continues to tour under the name Slade II.

Last night he told the Sunday Mercury he had been stunned by the bizarre romance.

'I was stunned when I heard what Dave Glover was planning to do,' he said.

'I had absolutely no idea that he had any contact with Rose West or even had a girlfriend. I am completely horrified by it.

'It's very upsetting to me personally. I am glad to see the back of him.

'He's a nice bloke and all that but this is just totally sick. He had to go for the good name of the band.'

Evil sex-killer West, who murdered 10 young women including her own daughter Heather, wrote to her solicitor about plans to wed guitarist Glover.

She told lawyer Leo Goatley: 'I've fallen in love with one of the members of Slade. I'm getting married - for real this time.'

Although the two have never met, West said Glover was a more suitable partner than her psychopath husband.

Builder Fred West, 53, killed himself in Winson Green Prison, Birmingham, before he could be tried for the Cromwell Street murders.

The evil couple had lured young hitch-hikers and runaways to their Gloucestershire home where they were tortured, raped and murdered.

Glover joined Slade II three years ago and toured with original members Don Powell and Dave Hill, banging out hits including Mama Weer All Crazee Now.

Last night he denied that he ever intended to marry West, but admitted they did become good friends - and that he believed she was innocent.

'I am not, and was never, planning to marry Rosemary West,' he said. 'I wrote to her first in March last year after reading of her decision not to proceed with her appeal in the European Courts.

'I firmly believe that Rose-mary West was wrongly convicted of murder and I wrote to tell her that I was sorry that she felt unable to proceed.

'We became good friends, although reports that we spoke to each other every day and exchanged hundreds of love letters are untrue. I am no longer in contact with Rosemary West.'

West, who has had a string of lesbian affairs during her time in Durham Prison, has now called the wedding off.

Lawyer Mr Goatley said: 'Her relationship with Dave Glover is at an end and she wants to give this young man his life back.

'He has been in touch with her and it is clear that he had not thought through the ramifications of a marriage to Rose.

'As soon as the chickens came home to roost with the story, he just seems to have panicked.

'I really don't think he should have broached the subject of marriage if he was that fickle.'


FIRED... Dave Glover and (above) his love Rose West
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 26, 2003
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