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Byline: Brian Reade

CONGRATULATIONS to all our rolling news TV stations for having exceeded themselves in the banality of their royal coverage.

It was such a Churchillian effort. For never in the history of broadcasting was so much guff spouted by so many about so little. Whenever I watched they were either interviewing the same midwife to remind us what part of a woman a baby comes out of, interviewing each other, or telling us they had nothing to tell us.

But the banality threw up the odd gem. Like the tourist who told Sky's Kay Burley that he'd heard the "baby was black".

There was a silence, her features looked more frozen than normal and she quickly moved on.


Even though this would have been a great moment in which to debate the depressing inevitability that our so-called multicultural nation would be ruled into the 22nd century by a white, Protestant, male.

Or might that have lacked the required banality?

It had me wishing I'd been there to tell Princess Kay that I was hoping for a girl. So they could call it Kim. Then if her first-born was a daughter we could call it Kim-Il. Then call Kim-Il's Kim-Un.

Come on, we've got as much say as North Korea in picking our head of state so why not be honest about it?


HOT AIR Kay Burley from Sky
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 25, 2013
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